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Henderson: Looking forward to the first home game of the new season against Crystal Palace, we need team spirit – yqqlm

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Henderson: Looking forward to the first home game of the new season against Crystal Palace, we need team spirit – yqqlm

Original title: Henderson: Looking forward to the new season’s first home game against Crystal Palace, we need team spirit

Henderson: Looking forward to the first home game of the new season, we need team spirit against Crystal Palace

Live it on August 14th Liverpool captain Henderson accepted an interview with the media, talking about the new season’s home game, opponent Crystal Palace, last season’s Champions League final fans were treated unfairly and other topics, Henderson expressed his views.

About the home game of the new season

Anyone fortunate enough to work in football will look forward to the first home game of the new season, I used to go there with my dad as a kid and I’m very proud to be part of Liverpool to experience this exciting time. I get excited about the first home game every year and you never get tired of it.

There is always a different atmosphere on the pitch, you will feel the tension and experience a real sense of occasion. Years of experience have made me very aware of the atmosphere at Anfield, which is exacerbated by the games on the night. This moment is for all players, football practitioners and fans, and we want to make the most of it and make the best possible start.

About the 2-2 draw with Fulham in the first round of the new season

Last weekend’s game against Fulham showed that we didn’t get off to a good start to the season in the ideal way, but results aside, we can always get something out of the season opener. Our performance in that game was okay, especially as the game went on we could win the game instinctively, but there are some areas that we need to improve or change. In fact we should have been more prepared in the first few weeks, it was about adjusting to the pace of the game and regaining team cohesion.

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I know our vacations are short, too short in some ways, and it’s a time when we’re working in a common direction, not when all the work is in place. We need to do better as players and as a team, we know that. The good news is that we felt good in the preseason and in training, and we were at a high level both mentally and physically.

About team spirit and this round opponent Crystal Palace

I know the manager spoke at length about the importance of teamwork and I agree with every word he said. Thanks to the new players who joined the team quickly, and the old players for welcoming them in a positive way and inspiring them with the team culture.

We need that spirit against Vieira’s impressive Crystal Palace, who will be in the spotlight this season. We knew we had to get the job done, if we wanted to get all three points we had to know the opponent and we had no choice but to go all out against Vieira’s team.

On the unfair treatment of fans in last season’s Champions League final

I always look back at what happened last season at the start of a new season, good and bad, and one thing I look back on is how our fans were treated in Paris during the Champions League final.

I know that the relevant departments are investigating this matter, so I don’t want to talk too much at this stage, but there is a principle that needs to be agreed by everyone, that is, fans should be respected. This is absolutely non-negotiable, not just to advertise safety and security, but to implement it, which is not the case in Paris. A lot of players and staff have family and friends struggling off the pitch and we all know what happened. The only conclusion anyone can draw is to hope that something like this doesn’t happen again.

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I’m not just speaking for our fans, every fan thinks they should be taken care of when they go to the game, but to really do that, Paris should be the point where everything will be better, otherwise it’s impossible to make accepted by people.

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