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Here are all the defects of Udinese and Pereyra apologizes to the fans

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Too many ups and downs in the 90 ‘: so often he remains back to the wall. The Argentine after being sent off against Bologna: “I made a mistake”

UDINE. The spirit, the claw, in short, that desire to “never give up” often tuned by the Curva Nord and which on Sunday led to the comeback against Bologna, the third match remedied with a draw after those caught with Juventus and Sampdoria, is no longer enough.

Udinese needs more, it’s called continuity of high performance, and Luca Gotti made it clear without mincing words “hot” after the game, while yesterday one of his silent leaders, the “Tucu” Roberto Pereyra, he wanted to admit his responsibilities by apologizing for being expelled, and he did so with a post on Instagram commenting on a photo with hands folded: “I made a mistake and I take my responsibilities as it should be”.

In a rough summary, it is logical that the expulsion of Pereyra, and the consequent numerical inferiority from the 38th minute of the first half, can be associated with the disadvantage then accrued, but in reality Udinese then played better in ten in the second half than at full ranks in the first half.

So where is the flaw, beyond the praise (“Congratulations to the team you have earned a point too important in 10 against a difficult team”) that the “Tucu” reserved for his teammates in the end of his post?

Gotti is responsible for the arduous sentence, but the numbers can already help him find one of the answers, starting with the six games, out of the eight played so far, in which Udinese has gone under in the score.

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It will not be eight out of eight for Genoa, but 80% of the bianconeri is an unacceptable percentage, especially for a team that does not have a complete comeback in the ropes, such as Lazio and Inter who have won three after as many disadvantages.

Udinese, on the other hand, only got three draws, recovering from 0-2 with Juve, 0-1 with Bologna and 3-2 at Sampdoria, after Zebretta had gone to rest in Marassi at 2-1 a just please.

No points were then conquered with Naples, Rome and Fiorentina, and perhaps it was no coincidence that the only victories came against Venice and Spezia, where Nuytinck and his companions did not suffer the first slap.

The trend is therefore negative and is worrying above all if compared to the trend of the Gotti management, a history characterized by only 17 points taken home in the 43 games in which “his” Udinese fell below the score (not only after having suffered the first goals, but also after taking the lead) over the course of the match, starting with that Genoa-Udinese 1-3 in November 2019, in which the Grifone took the lead.

That was the first of 75 matches played in Serie A with Gotti at the helm, and since then Udinese have only won 3 times in a match in which they have been down. Another data to reflect on are the partials, where Udinese has so far scored 12 points in the second half in 8 days (last year there were 41). Too bad, therefore, that often the games were compromised before the rest.

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