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Here is the contract that binds Maradona, the lawyer Morla and the entrepreneur Ceci

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A broad commercial spectrum

Reading the contract in Spanish, with the English translation in front of it – which Il Sole 24 Ore has come into possession of – one can read that Morla and his company Sattvica Sa e Ceci, on their own or through the companies owned by him or participated, they can use people, caricatures, photos, videos, audio, autographs, as well as the name and surname of Diego Armando Maradona for a very wide range of commercial categories. In the list we find clothes, shoes, games of chance, lotteries, scratch cards and even games that involve the use of cryptocurrencies.

Each of the authorized parties operates on its own behalf in a distinct and separate way even if it is logical, as confirmed by Ceci himself at Sole-24 Ore, that “it is in no one’s interest to overlap in the initiatives”. Ceci, reached by telephone in his office in Dubai, also clarifies that he is not a partner of the lawyer Morla as well as someone, especially in Argentina, tends to make us believe: «We have no relationship. I started working with Maradona in 2012 when Morla didn’t even exist ».

No limit is foreseen for commercial exploitation in the categories indicated in the contract, given that the signed document also provides for the use of sub-licenses or shareholders and third parties, without the authorization of the champion and after his death – consequently – without that of the heirs.

There is only one obligation: that of paying 50% of the rights to Maradona and, since this is no longer possible, for the moment they must be paid into the current account indicated by the Court of Buenos Aires and managed by the Argentine lawyer Baglietto, appointed administrator. judicial of the inheritance.

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The lawyer Sandro Censi of Bologna – who assisted Ceci for the signing of the contract – explains its value: “The contract signed by Diego contains both the notarial authentication and the apostille, which puts an end to the gossip about the alleged inability to understand and to want Diego at the time ». At the moment, Ceci not only carried out the expected quarterly reporting but also paid $ 123,600 into the Argentine current account managed by Baglietto, which represents 50% of a contract – the first – closed by Ceci after 17 August 2020.

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