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Hockey among kangaroos, the NHL in Australia was fun. Among Hertl or ei fans

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Hockey among kangaroos, the NHL in Australia was fun.  Among Hertl or ei fans

Two sold out games, fans in the dark from the NHL.

In the camera’s view, the jerseys of Auston Matthews, Patrice Bergeron, Henrik Lundqvist, as well as Tom Hertl or the fans of the national team.

People here know what hockey is, they just don’t know its rules, said one of the Czech fans.

A Los Angeles Kings fan is on the run in Australia.

According to them, Australians made up sixteen percent of the audience, the rest were filled by foreigners. Both duels were watched by more than 26,000 spectators. Rod Laver Arena, which at the beginning of the year applauded Novak Djokovic and his 24th Grand Slam, now celebrated the success of the event.

The organizers filled the arena despite the relatively high prices – they ranged between two and twenty thousand crowns.

For example, Germans paid a maximum of nine thousand for the NHL in the O2 Arena, which hosted Nashville and San Jose last June.

In Australia, hockey is widely known, not what I originally thought. I didn’t expect how much the fans cheered and how much I saw the jersey. “I was absolutely amazed,” Arizona coach Andr Tourigny told the Australian crowd.

It’s great to see people here talking about the NHL. Although each was a fan of a different team, the main thing is that they were about to get married, Karel Vejmelka was sweating.

The first Czech goal was one of two Czechs who scored on the way to Australia. That guy was dal glman David Rittich.

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David Rittich and Travis Dermott are looking for the right match before the NHL season in Australia.

Vejmelka started the second game, which Los Angeles won 3:2. Rittich in the Kings jersey caught only the third of the first duel. Only the steles flew at him, he covered them all. The Pesto Coyotes celebrated a 5-3 win.

Treni nominated practically the best they have available for entry. a cold approach to the preparation, the regular rosters were presented to the Wild.

Ane Kopitar, Drew Doughty, Kevin Fiala or the great talent Logan Cooley were not missing. They played a full line-up, so we’ll have to deal with travel, said Rittich.

When in Australia @seandurzi is not a fan of kangaroos

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Both teams filled their free time with various activities. The Kings explored the country of the local Australian rules football club, Doughty played tennis with Australian Thanasi Kokkinakis. The Arizonans tried golf again, there was also a visit to the kangaroo park.

The NHL has proven that it takes time to find a target group even in countries where the layman would not be able to find it. In Melbourne, she had to create suitable conditions for hockey on the tennis court, mainly on the ice. In the end, even the dog survived the ordeal.

In the past, the league introduced itself to you in Japan, Puerto Rico, and now in Australia.

And it is clear that he will try it elsewhere soon.

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