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Hoop Cities, the Nba series that tells about the cities of basketball: there is also Bologna

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Hoop Cities, the Nba series that tells about the cities of basketball: there is also Bologna

The series, for users of the League pass Nba service, also focuses on BasketCity, explaining the rivalry between Virtus and Fortitudo, the city’s passion for baskets and the great champions who have written history

The cities of basketball in Europe. Told by an exclusive video series for users of the League Pass Nba service, the official subscription that offers access to all matches, live and on demand. Nba Europe has identified Bologna as the navel of the Italian basketball world. Basket City, as it is historically called. The Emilian center was selected among the 8 of the Old Continent to celebrate the culture of basketball told by the tradition and stories of each nation. The Hoop Cities series has already seen the release of video documentaries on Belgrade (Serbia), Bologna and Paris (France), they are on the calendar, a new production is released every week, Kaunas (Lithuania, 6 October), Cologne and Leverkusen ( Germany, October 13), Seville (Spain, October 20), Istanbul (Turkey, October 20) and Thessaloniki (Greece, November 3).


Virtus and Fortitudo, the city rivalry. The passion for the wedge ball that exudes in the city. You play everywhere, you can find a basket everywhere without even noticing, in those parts. It is part of the landscape. The most famous playground, in the Giardini Margherita city park, has become a privileged meeting place for fans, the “home” of those who love basketball. And the bond with the NBA is strong, consolidated by champions such as Manu Ginobili, 4 times overseas champion with the San Antonio Spurs, who in Bologna at the beginning of his career was consecrated a phenomenon, and coaches like Ettore Messina who was at the Spurs in Texas Popovich’s assistant and on the bench in Bologna he made history, collecting epochal successes. The video was presented at the Paladozza in Bologna on 4 October, it was the first public screening: Marco Belinelli, local glory, and Cecilia Zandalasini were also present, among the over 1000 people who attended.

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Messina’s words

“A pleasure to participate in this NBA project dedicated to the cities of basketball and to tell my experience in Bologna where I collected some of the best satisfactions of my career as a coach. Indelible memories. Those experiences prepared me to face the rest of my career. including the 5 years spent in the NBA with the San Antonio Spurs coaching, alongside Gregg Popovich, fantastic players and people, including Manu Ginobili who I had already had the good fortune to coach in Bologna “.

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