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Hot days in Bayern. As Kahn appealed and was not allowed to celebrate the title

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Hot days in Bayern.  As Kahn appealed and was not allowed to celebrate the title

Miserable spring for the hiti, no coach change, no title win and dismissal of the general editor and sports manager.

Hectic days behind one of the biggest football clubs on the planet.

At the height of the season, Bayern was on the brink of failure, and they were in danger of losing the trophy after being tied in the Champions League and in the German Cup.

Outwardly, the club showed nervousness, there was speculation about the tension in the management, about the loss of motivation in some games.

Even the influential fan faction stood up to the leaders on the overall bad mood.

In the last week, they decided to take a radical step. Regardless of whether the team wins the eleventh title in a row, general editor Kahn and sports manager Hasan Salihamidi are dead.

Bayern then officially announced it directly after they won the match in Cologne (2:1) and, thanks to a fatal failure, the leader of Dortmund triumphed at home with Moha (2:2) in the Bundesliga.

We would have made the same decision even if we had been at maximum capacity and won those trophies, the renowned magazine Kicker quoted Estonian president Uli Hoeness as saying, but he maintains great influence in Bayern.

I have to say again that choosing Oliver as editor-in-chief was a mistake, Hoeness declared.

Bayern fans celebrated the Bundesliga title at Marienplatz.

Oliver is very intelligent. But the big disappointment was that I thought I could get the job because he is a huge personality. Jene surrounded himself with various manners and advisors.

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The first ones Kahn listened to are to blame for the unrest that reigned in Bayern in the last season.

And when in the penultimate game at home the team lost to Leipzig and dropped to second place behind Dortmund, the most said: Enough! The intern decided it was two, no we fulfilled it, noted Hoeness.

Last Thursday morning, they invited Kahn and Salihamdi to inform them that it was their dismissal.

I clocked the clock, consulting with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (former vice president of the club, editor’s note)then how to present it so that it is dignified, lil Hoeness.

When they dismissed the coach in a hurry, Julian Nagelsmann found out about it first hand, because no one could reach him in the evening to tell him personally. Bayern was criticized for this.

Salihamidi took his end calmly, but Kahna took it seriously. It was not a pleasant conversation, Hoeness acknowledged.

According to German media, Kahn was clearly setting himself against his future successor, Jan-Christian Dreesen, who is also the deputy chairman of the supervisory board.

It was very emotional. Oliver and I could not come to an agreement to end the collaboration peacefully, Hoeness noted.

On Friday afternoon, Kahn was officially fired at an extraordinary meeting of the supervisory board. Its chairman and former club president Herbert Hainer wanted to tell Kahn the result, but tried to call him in vain. On Saturday morning, I informed him by email about the termination of the contract.

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I talked to Herbert Hainer and drank it in peace. I was just wondering why they were suddenly so active, Kahn responded on Sunday.

A Bayern footballer at the traditional ceremony after winning the title: fans cheer from the town hall in the center of Munich.

At the same time, it was decided that Kahn would no longer travel with the team to Koln nad Rne for the Saturday match, so that the situation would not escalate further.

Salihamdi could have been saved, but he immediately took part in the celebration after his return to Munich at the traditional place on Marienplatz in the center of the city. Not Kahn. They banned me, you posted on your twitter.

I have great respect for people who have achieved something. And Oliver was really good at that as a game, Hoeness pointed out. Even when he did not fulfill his promise as editor-in-chief, my door is always open for him. There is no doubt that we treat Oliver with respect, but he has to want it that way on both sides.

In an interview with Bild on Sunday, Kahn said: When the situation cools down, we will sit down and talk together.

We need calm, not panic, Hoeness revealed.

A new coach, Thomas Tuchel, was appointed to Kahn and Salihimadi. However, he should continue in Bayern, although since his arrival, he has been relegated from the Champions League, failed to win the quarter-finals of the German Cup and almost lost the Bundesliga as well.

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fov the club they submitted him so that he would not travel on vacation, but remain available. Expect ideas from him on how to combine curls for the fifth season. Bayern is still without a sports editor… I have to take responsibility for sports development, said Tuchel.

Bayern president Herbert Hainer (center) and end sports manager Hasan Salihamidi during the title celebrations on the balcony of the town hall on Marienplatz in the center of Munich.

However, the club failed to find Salihamidi’s successor.

When Matthias Sammer resigned in 2016, it took Bayern a year before Salihamidi filled the position.

Now it shouldn’t be without a sports manager for so long, the board would appoint him by the end of the calendar year. Until then, the sports field was divided by the most famous Hainer, Dreesen and former great players and some club presidents Rummenigge and Hoeness.

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