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How beautiful and strange it is to return to 4th place: “A new flavor”

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The “veterans” from the trip to La Spezia do not suffer from vertigo “Bench with alternatives and the young people are all of quality”


Udinese fans do not suffer from vertigo. The fourth place after three days, the result of two wins and a draw, is pampered but at the same time lived with balance. You understand this by asking for impressions and hopes from those who were present on Sunday in the stands of the Peak in La Spezia in what, due to the pandemic, was, after more than a year and a half, the first trip. «Being up there is really beautiful – he comments Bepi Marcon, president of the AUC -. I had positive feelings right from the first market operations. The company has moved in an intelligent way by taking young people of value, something that had not happened in recent years ». There are many new and fresh faces, Marcon if he has to indicate the player on whom he would aim with his eyes closed he gives the name of Beto: «I have the impression that he is a real crak. He’s the player we needed, he has interesting movements, he didn’t seem at all at the debut ». This start full of positive results gives Marcon hope for a return to the past as regards the environment of the fans: «I feel that the enthusiasm that was felt ten years ago is being recreated. It would be a great thing, when there is harmony and unity of purpose, everything comes easier ».

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Marco Costantini, president of the Amis club from Udinese di Tarcento, takes into consideration the psychological aspect. «We are aware that you cannot think too big, but starting well can give the team confidence and peace of mind. We can fight to stay in the left column of the standings. In all the new purchases you can see some qualities, I don’t venture any name in particular, on the contrary I do one and it is that of Silvestri. Nice goalkeeper: he is no longer a kid, he brought experience and safety. The out of tune? Arslan did not convince me either as a midfielder or as a director ». The German is also “teased” by Giuseppe Damiani, from Udinese club Andrea Coda di Fagagna. «We are going to play badly, but I always see him too nervous. Also on Sunday he took a yellow for avoidable protests ». Then the many happy notes: «The match in Spezia was an anomalous match, on the flanks we pushed little and perhaps it is not a coincidence given that Molina and Larsen were returning from their commitments with the national teams. The feeling is that we have embarked on a path that can take us far. Samardzic scored a great goal, but knowing that he asked not to go to the national team because he wanted to stay and work in Udine to settle in is a great sign ».

The German also caught the attention of Stefano Fioretti president of the Udinese club “Tipicamente bianconero” of Terzo d’Aquileia. «The Spezia seemed tougher, we won with the quality of the German. Start full of unexpected points after the departure of Musso and De Paul. The substitutes turned out to be up to par. Gotti is a guarantee, last year he fought only against everyone, now he seems to have more support from the club. Going back away was like going to the stadium for the first time as a child ».

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Renato Tondon, president of the Udinese club of San Giovanni al Natisone on Sunday was at the away game number 337: «As a fan I dream of returning to Europe one day – he says – but I am aware that the current ranking is not our position. Young people all seem interesting to me. On Sunday when Samardzic came in I said to my neighbor: “Here, now this scores and makes us win the game”. I had seen some training and it had impressed me. Compared to last year we have more alternatives ». –

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