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How much would a deputy Deulofeu be needed

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How much would a deputy Deulofeu be needed

It was, unfortunately, written that it would end like this. It is useless to say «and well there were only 5 minutes left» or «the draw would have been deserved».

All very true, the draw would have been deserved by Sottil’s men. But that’s the way it is with emblazoned teams: if you play an excellent match, like the one played by Udinese, in the stadium that was moved by Luca Vialli, you have to score at least one goal.

With Juve “cheerful” these days, with an eye to the courts for adjusted balance sheets and other probable misdeeds but one who is well established on the pitch and in the standings, if you don’t score a goal you risk big.

Because Allegri, after a disastrous start and the expulsion from the Champions League, rebuilt his team starting from the defence. In any case, you make a goletto, in the meantime just don’t take it.

And the goalkeeper Chiesa propitiated him, because he is a great player and he threw himself into a gap left by the Juventus rearguard up to that moment impeccable. But, dear lovers of Zebretta, Udinese lost their game when a player like Deulofeu didn’t go on the field, the only one up front capable of producing goals and something that is fundamental in football, especially if you are a medium-ranked team that wants to score points in the presence of a big one: create danger.

Beto and Success, generous, do not. Or, if they do, they lack lucidity, talent, call it what you want, suitable for scoring. In short, from the waist down, Sottil’s men played a great game, proposing play and defending themselves in an orderly manner, without amnesia, except for the one in the final in which perhaps he played a little tired against the black and whites.

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It is a great pity that, in the face of a Juve that is certainly not irresistible, the points have not arrived because the black and white squad lacks a real replacement for Deulofeu. Too bad, the frame is good indeed.

Dear Gino Pozzo, as we wrote during the week, the money is there, do what you have to because otherwise with the generous Sauccess and the convoluted Beto (saltamiaddosso technique) you won’t go far from a (very honest) mid-table.

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