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How the FBI caught a naturopathic doctor

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How the FBI caught a naturopathic doctor

Times that made you suspicious: Alex Wilson ran a European record in the province.
Image: dpa

The Swiss track and field athlete Alex Wilson ran a fantastic time over 100 meters – but the sprinter was doped. The FBI now found out about his supplier. A public prosecutor speaks of a “turning point in sport”.

Dhe summer of 2021 should be the highlight of the career for the fastest Swiss track and field athlete. Three years after winning a bronze medal at the European Championships in Berlin over 200 meters and shortly before the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Alex Wilson’s most significant performance data looked more than promising.

Just think of the races he completed in July at a high school athletics event in Marietta, Georgia. The detour to the sporty province caused news about a real fabulous time: a new European record of 9.84 seconds over 100 meters. A remarkable 19.89 seconds over 200 meters were added.

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