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How to lose weight with running and walking

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How to lose weight with running and walking

The secret to losing weight with running or walking is to keep the engine of our metabolism running even when we are still.

❓ How to do? Simple. Just use method and play on the changes of pace. An idea? Here she is:

➡️ 8x (30″ fast + 1’30” slow);

➡️ 5x (1′ fast + 2′ slowly).

To these two sessions a week add a longer one at a continuous pace at low intensity. Because if it is true that to burn a kilo of fat you should practice physical activity from 33 to 56 hours (on average 0.3 – 0.5 g are oxidized up to about 1g of fat per minute), it is also true that this training is of precious cardiac benefit, especially when combined with the two above and, overall, contributes to #weight loss.

Photo: Marta Baffi

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