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Hradec refused the crowning of the Steelers, even the video didn’t help them. Quite a relief, Martinec admitted

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Hradec refused the crowning of the Steelers, even the video didn’t help them.  Quite a relief, Martinec admitted

With a score of 3:1, the series returns to Hradec Králové for the matches for the defending champions, where the fifth part will take place on Wednesday, April 26 from 5:00 p.m. “We are also very happy for our fans that they will still see the final battle,” said defender Bohumil Jank, who opened the scoring in the fourth match.

The steel players still tried to overturn the final result with a coach’s challenge to see if Miškář directed the puck with a high stick, which Pavlík kicked in for himself. But the video confirmed the regularity of Hradec Králové’s winning goal. “It’s quite a relief. We believed that a lucky bounce of the puck would finally help us, and I would say that it was also important for the team’s self-confidence and belief in success that we took the lead for the first time in the series,” said coach Tomáš Martinec.

Photo: Vladimír Pryček, CTK

Hradec Králové hockey players celebrate their win over Třinec.

So far, only three times in the history of the extra league finals have the matches ended 4-0, and Třinec tried to achieve a similar record. However, it will not imitate the lightning journey, after which Pardubice (2005, 2010) and Brno (2017) came to triumph twice. “We were a bit unlucky in overtime, but in the third period we had great chances to decide the game at home. But we have no reason to keep our heads down, we still have two wins in the series on top and great determination,” said home striker Daniel Voženílek.

Photo: Vladimír Pryček, CTK

Skirmish between Kevin Klíma (left) and Andrej Nestrashil.

In the home cauldron, the fans unfurled the Třinec Hockey Empire banner, but they were not destined to celebrate the championship on Sunday. “It was a completely even match, again we were decorated with a precise defensive game based on great will and dedication. It’s just that, unlike Saturday, we didn’t manage to get it on our side,” said coach Zdeněk Moták.

While Kacetl was the hero on Saturday, who caught all thirty Hradec’s shots en route to his third clean sheet in this year’s playoffs, a day later his counterpart in the Hradec goal was the star. “Matěj Machovský caught perfectly, he gave us a chance to win,” Martinec praised his goalkeeper, who made 29 successful saves. He shone especially in the third part, when he stopped Hudáček’s escape and then took championship goals from the sticks of Růžiček and Marcink.

Photo: Vladimír Pryček, CTK

Disappointed Třinec players after losing in the fourth final.

“We know where the boot is pushing us, it’s mainly in productivity. We have enough shots, but the quality of the finish is a bit lacking, so it was key to keep Třinec at bay,” said the Hradec Králové coach. His team wants to be inspired by what they did against them in the semi-final in Vítkovice. “They were also losing 0:3 in games and were able to avoid a match point outside and dramatize the whole series until the seventh game. We have to try for something similar,” Jank described.

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