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Huizhou lottery player buys 10 yuan lottery ticket for the second time and hits a huge prize of 10 million yuan_Mr._Number_Lucky

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Huizhou lottery player buys 10 yuan lottery ticket for the second time and hits a huge prize of 10 million yuan_Mr._Number_Lucky

Original title: Huizhou lottery player bought 10 yuan lottery ticket for the second time and hit a huge prize of 10 million yuan

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Haiyan correspondent Li Na illustrations Caicai

On May 1, Huizhou No. 1 Lottery won the first prize of the 22048th issue of the two-color ball with a 10-yuan self-selected single-type ticket, and the bonus was as high as 10 million yuan. Recently, Mr. Liang, the lucky man, showed up to go through the award collection procedures and revealed that he was buying welfare lottery tickets for the second time.

good luck

The second lottery is winning

This year’s “May 1st” Labor Day is an unforgettable day for Mr. Liang. On this day, Mr. Liang bought the welfare lottery two-color ball for the second time. On this day, he met the prize of ten million yuan. This luck flattered him.

“Huizhou is really my blessed land!” Mr. Liang sighed with emotion in the award room. Mr. Liang is a migrant worker. His hometown is located in a remote mountainous area. Because of the backwardness in transportation and commerce, he came to Huizhou a few years ago to look for job opportunities. Here, he not only found a suitable job, but also gained unexpected surprises.

Mr. Liang said that his lottery buying experience was very simple. He was just a “rookie” who had just come into contact with lottery tickets. He only bought lottery tickets twice before and after winning the lottery.

The first time was the previous issue of 22047. Because I went out to do errands, I passed by a lottery station and randomly selected two bets, which cost 4 yuan. The second time was on May 1st. Because I was out for a walk during the holiday, I accidentally saw the 44080111 betting shop at No. 1 North Building, Wushi Market, Huicheng District. I went in and played scratch games for a while. For the two-color ball betting, I purchased a 10 yuan 5-note optional single-type ticket.

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Not sure if I won the lottery

Because Mr. Liang has only bought two lottery tickets and has no in-depth understanding of the lottery knowledge such as the two-color ball prize pool, prize level, bonus, and redemption methods, he checked on his mobile phone that night that one of the numbers he bought was exactly the same as the lottery number. Afterwards, he looked dazed and startled.

Mr. Liang double-checked the numbers several times. After confirming that he was a winner, he only knew that he should have won the lottery. As for what award he won, how much he won, and whether he could get the bonus, he kept playing drums in his heart. These questions were repeatedly in his mind. Repeat, tossing and turning all night, unable to sleep, and the next morning, he couldn’t wait to go straight to the station with the lottery ticket.

The site owner explained the lottery winning situation to him in detail, and told him to go to the City Welfare Lottery Center to go through the redemption procedures after the “May 1st” holiday.

Grateful to meet

Giving back to society at the right time

The 10 million yuan prize was generated from 5 optional numbers. Mr. Liang recalled that there was nothing special about these numbers.

It was a holiday that day. He followed his colleagues to this store. He started to play scratch games. When he was about to leave, he chose these numbers with the betting slip. Jackpot.

For Mr. Liang, who came to work from remote areas, 10 million yuan is simply an astronomical figure, and how to use it requires careful planning.

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Mr. Liang said that he initially planned to return to his hometown to work and live, but he had not yet made up his mind about the specifics. He had considered that relatives and villagers who had difficulties in life would use appropriate methods to help them.

Mr. Liang is very grateful to have met this luck, and he feels that it is also appropriate to give back to the society.

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