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Human rights activists call for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics as the torch is handed over

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[EpochTimesOctober192021](Epoch Times reporter Li Xin comprehensive report) At the Olympic torch handover ceremony held on Monday (18th), human rights activists urged governments and athletes to boycott the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Become a de facto supporter of the CCP’s violation of human rights.

With the Beijing Winter Olympics scheduled to be held in February 2022 approaching, calls for boycotting it have become stronger. On Monday, at the Olympic torch lighting ceremony in Ancient Olympia, Greece, human rights activists came to protest. Three of them unfurled a banner that read “No Genocide Olympics.”

According to CNN, the three human rights activists managed to enter the heavily guarded ancient stadium and tried to reach the Temple of Hera while the torch handover ceremony was broadcast.

They finally successfully launched a banner a few meters away from the temple, calling for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. But the police then stopped them.

The Associated Press reported that human rights organizations have condemned that the International Olympic Committee allowed the Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing, which actually gave legitimacy to the CCP’s human rights violations.

“We have once again witnessed the hypocrisy (of the International Olympic Committee)”,Non-profit human rights organization “International Tibet Network” (International Tibet Network)Executive Director Mandie McKeown (Mandie McKeown) said at a press conference in Athens. “They handed the Olympic torch to a host government far away from any (Olympic) ideals, so that we seem to be living in a distorted reality.”

The CCP’s many human rights violations, including the genocidal persecution of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, the suppression of Hong Kong protesters, the policies on Tibet and Taiwan, and the persecution of Falun Gong practice groups, have all been widely condemned by the international community. .

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But the International Olympic Committee avoided this issue, saying it was beyond its scope of authority.

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach (Thomas Bach) stated in a speech at the Olympia Ancient Stadium on Monday that the Olympics must be treated “as a politically neutral position and respected.”

Human rights activists said on Tuesday (19th) that the human rights situation in mainland China has deteriorated since 2008, because the Summer Olympics held that year emboldened the CCP.

Zumretay Arkin, Director of Initiatives at the World Uyghur Congress, said: “The Olympics are being handed over to a country that actively commits genocide.”

The U.S. government has stated its position, declaring that the CCP’s persecution of Xinjiang Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities is “genocide.” At the Group of Seven (G7) summit held in June this year, President Biden successfully pressured other leaders to include statements condemning the CCP’s forced labor and other human rights violations in the joint statement.

Zhu Motai urged the governments of the G7 Group to take follow-up actions to boycott the Beijing Olympics.

Pema Doma, the propaganda director of the American non-profit organization “Students for a Free Tibet” (Students for a Free Tibet), which advocates human rights and freedom in Tibet, said that the International Olympic Committee had made “a very big mistake.” “How can anyone think that there is no red line of genocide anywhere in the world?”

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