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Hungary-Italy, win to start again. Garlando’s analysis

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Hungary-Italy, win to start again.  Garlando’s analysis

In a difficult moment for our football, winning the group and confirming ourselves among the top four in the Nations League would be a way to start over

by our correspondent Luigi Garlando

It was a delicate, electric eve of the national team. Roberto Mancini crossed it with a light step so as not to break the thin ice sheet of diplomacy. He was convinced to fly to Budapest together with his center-forward, Ciro Immobile, who arrived one step away from the flight ladder, at Malpensa, and then returned to Rome. How to get one step out of the door and kick out. Lotito took him for the coppino, like Chiellini with Saka, and pulled him off the flight. Il Mancio, in order not to further crack the eve, played on the heel, in support of his bomber: “Ciro was very good. He tried to be there until the very end. We talked to each other. In the end we decided not to wear him, so as not to to risk it. It was too dangerous. ” Amen. All the others fly to Budapest, where tonight, at the Puskas Arena, we will try to beat and overtake the amazing Hungary and qualify for the Nations League Final Four. Okay, it will not be the most exciting event in the world, but for a national team like ours, recovering from the second Apocalypse, playing for a trophy next June, without having to wait for the 2024 European Championship, would be a good shovel of self-esteem in the engine.

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And then, let’s face it, it won’t often happen to chase a continental trophy without opponents like Germany, England, France and, probably, Spain. We would be the favorites. Another aspect, appropriately recalled yesterday by Mancini: for the youngest, short of international experience, being able to experience a semi-final and a Nations League final, would mean growing. Friday’s victory over England, which came after the 5 slaps taken by Germany and too many signs of disaffection with the Azzurri cause, was the best answer, the foot on the ground so as not to retreat further, almost an ethical refoundation by a team capable of fighting and sacrificing, even without the light of its best stars. It would be valuable to follow up on that night. To understand, from November 2020 to July 2021, when we felt invincible, we lined up 13 successes. Since then, never again two wins in a row. Let’s try it tonight. In short, there are many reasons to follow this Hungary-Italy with interest (and also with a thread of passion). Let’s expect suffering and a tough match.


How long it lasts, Mancio explains well: “Marco Rossi has done a great job. He comes from an important European and leads the Nations League group in front of teams like Italy, Germany and England. We have a 50% chance of overcoming them. they have one more result at their disposal, but I don’t expect them to defend themselves. In front of 70,000 spectators they will want to win to legitimize a prestigious first place. They are physical, energized, determined. They will attack, we will have to be good at defending “. Yes, but even better at attacking. Because a draw is enough for them, we are not. We will have to score the best defense of the Nations League: only 3 goals conceded. The question, as the man said, arises spontaneously: is the 3-5-2 at San Siro enough, with Di Lorenzo blocked on the right, to score a goal at this fort? To give more compactness and physicality to the national team, which came out of Stuttgart in pieces and weakened by many absences, Mancini, for the first time since the beginning, relied on an extremely cautious 3-5-2. When asked, the Italian coach replies as follows: “It’s not a question of forms, but of attitude: we will have to attack in many. Compared to the first half against England we will have to be more aggressive and faster”.

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Of the 3 goals conceded by Hungary, we scored 2 for them with a bonsai attack: Politano, Gnonto, Raspadori. Il Mancio has in mind to re-propose the idea of ​​Cesena, while confirming the 3-5-2: Gnonto and Raspadori leading to remove references to Orban and the giants of Marco Rossi. Even though Scamacca, after 8 appearances, would need the first blue goal so badly. The coach will decide at the last minute. When he says “more aggressive and faster” than at San Siro, he probably means a more infamous inside than Cristante (Pobega) and, in fact, two splinters like Gnonto and Raspadori which is already a fixed point. Since he made his debut in blue, he has scored 4 times, more than any other blue. He is 1.72 tall, exactly like Colonel Ferenc Puskas, the house god. The legend of Honved and Real Madrid, small and compact, had a lightning shot. They called it Cannoncino. If our Cannoncino Jack, small and compact, shoots a couple again tonight, Italy reaches the historic threshold of 1,500 goals. We count on it.

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