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Hungary’s feat in a packed stadium France returns to the ground

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Resounding in Budapest, David stopped Goliath. It is the beauty of football, a sport where anything can still happen and therefore also that Hungary draws 1-1 with France world champion and big favorite of Euro 2020. Marco Rossi’s Magyars instead, perched in their 3-5- 2, they put their heart and soul into it, they gave everything on the pitch, pushed by the impressive human wall of the Puskas Arena. And this is the image that perhaps will remain the most of this match played in Budapest, where it seemed that the pandemic never existed, with 60 thousand fans (including 5,700 French), attacked one another. At half-time France were one goal down. The 31-year-old Attila Fiola, winger who usually plays on the right but yesterday used on the left, scored in recovery. The Magyars were then hit in their best moment: at 21 ‘of the second half Lloris long postponement for Mbappé who started in speed and put the ball in the middle. Orban tried to deviate but found Griezmann’s winning entry. Just the 1-1, which brings France back to earth and exalts Hungary, the scene of a celebration of football and life. –

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