Home Sports “I actually came here to look for the coup but it’s hard against them”

“I actually came here to look for the coup but it’s hard against them”

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Coach Menetti noted something positive: “Now the difference is this, we’ll see if we can reduce it before the return match”

after the race

The final gap admits very few replicas, and it is no coincidence that coach Menetti is direct in admitting the excellent performance of Milan: “We came to Milan with the precise idea of ​​trying to make the shot, beyond what they were the absences and what has been a rather troubled week. Unfortunately we met a Milan that has never given us even a crack to think about making this shot. It’s a bit of a shame because I think instead we had three or four chances to get into the game: between the first and second quarter and especially when we had that very good flash in the third quarter where we had the opportunity to enter. in the game and worry Milan. Unfortunately we did not take advantage of the opportunities available: in the first case above all with the rebounds in attack that we gave to Milan, especially those of the first two quarters which cost us about ten points because we left some completely open shots, then why not taking advantage of the only opportunity to come back under the double figure of disadvantage, with Akele’s three-point shot that came out, we ended up undergoing the reaction of Milan, which objectively gave us very little today. In this moment of the season we are 30 behind them, I think the real challenge will be to understand how long we will be when they come to Treviso in a couple of months. We have a good break to realign the conditions of the whole team, then we will think about when the championship will restart in two weeks ».

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Is there anything positive to save on the evening, given the final result? «I think we have done many good things, and also on an offensive level when we managed to take advantages then we didn’t realize them. I think we found more random baskets than well-constructed action baskets. Plus there is a very serious problem, with teams coming down with the idea of ​​winning, as we have tried to do, and it is fighting with frustration, in the sense that sometimes you feel completely incapable. I had to remind my parents that Milan is a team that a fortnight ago held Fenerbahce with three points scored in a quarter of the game. If we had a hard time making the basket, especially when Hines and Melli were on the pitch, it wasn’t that we were having a particularly sad day, it’s that it becomes really difficult to play against them. This is why I say that the thirty points also depend on this level, you need to have the mental constancy in staying inside the game which is very difficult to build. Today we didn’t succeed and the times we were about to do it we didn’t have the strength to finalize it. I have nothing to say about the team’s attitude ». –

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