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I already have more assists than my brother, the Liberec goalkeeper Král sózozence excels. He lost by zero again

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I already have more assists than my brother, the Liberec goalkeeper Král sózozence excels.  He lost by zero again

Was this a decisive event?

The second goal was also important when we went two up because we conceded. Otherwise, I think the match was decided by our combativeness and our play. We played excellently, we fought until the end and luck turned to our side. This win is very valuable, we all know what kind of team Třinec is and every victory over them is highly valued. We are very happy that we won it today.

Was the assist on the goal at the moment when Kacetl was leaving the goal targeted?

(smiles) She wasn’t. This season, I already have the third such when I kicked the puck in front of me, Filiny took it and threw it across the field into an empty goal. It’s about luck.

Three assists is an interesting calling card for a goalkeeper, what do you say?

(laughs) I have more than my brother. (White Tigers defender Adam Král, who is three years younger than Třinec, only started his fourth match in the extra league, editor’s note)

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MATCH CUT: Liberec- Třinec 4:1Video: Tipsport Extraliga / BPA

Popujujete to?

Kind of, I just told him that for fun. (smiles)

For the third time out of the last four games, you conceded only one goal and you always lost a clean sheet only in the third period. Sure, wins are important, but isn’t this a little annoying?

You’re right that this is already the third match and the guys in the cabin are already joking that I don’t even want the zero. I’m a little sorry, but the main ones are simply three points.

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On Sunday, you said that when you feel worse in the morning, paradoxically, you have your day. How did you feel on Wednesday morning?

This time, on the other hand, I slept well and felt good from the morning. And in the end it was good even in the match.

Photo: Vít Černý, CTK

Michal Bulíř and goalkeeper Daniel Král from Liberec are rejoicing over the won match.

In the last duels, after alternating with Pařík, you settled in the goal. Does self-confidence grow with good performances?

Of course they will help me. I had two or three weaker games there, but now I feel good. We were winning, we were playing now even with less goals conceded and we need such games. I feel good.

Do you focus more on the defensive?

Certainly. We had a lot of shootouts, a lot of goals were scored, and we thought that we needed to improve defensively, also because the playoffs are slowly approaching. We play defense much better now, we win by a smaller margin. Such matches are needed. We are also pleased with this.

Is confidence the most important thing for a young goalkeeper?

Certainly. It’s not fun, it’s pressure on your head. And I admit it enough. Maybe I need to learn to work more with my psyche. And then it will be even better.

Did you find something new this season that helps you cope with the pressure?

Of course I caught some things. The fact that I caught a lot of matches also has an influence, I didn’t even expect that there would be so many. I’m already calmer than if I went to the goal once in five duels. I am very grateful to be given so much space. I try to give the best performance every time and repay the coaches for putting me in the goal.

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On Friday, another tough opponent Sparta awaits you at home.

And we could say the same about Třinec. We know what kind of team Sparta has. We will prepare well for it and I believe that we will be successful.

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