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“I didn’t feel offended, it was a joke” – breaking latest news

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“I didn’t feel offended, it was a joke” – breaking latest news
Of Daniel Sparisci

The rally driver, object of the two-way jokes of the Sky commentators, tells her version: «When I read about their suspension I thought it was a joke. It all seems so over the top.”

“Let’s do this: at the next F1 race, send me a video together with Bobbi and Valsecchi, so maybe this time I’ll be the one to make a couple of jokes to those two…”. He jokes about it Christine Giampaoli Zonca, rally driver, one of the girls who during the last Formula 1 GP in Barcelona had been at the center of two-way jokes by the two commentators on Sky, Matteo Bobbi and Davide Valsecchi. Suspended from driving for one race, the two ex-drivers immediately sent an apology message.

Christine, or as everyone calls her “Gz”, tells it this way to Courier: “I didn’t feel offended, it was just a joke. I noticed it because everyone started writing to me. They were also polite, it’s not like they said who knows what…». She was in the paddock with another girl, «whom I had met that same day: she doesn’t want to talk but she also didn’t “take it badly””.

Italian parents, she lived in Perugia and Varese, then as a child she moved to the Canary Islands and it was there that she discovered her love for racing: she competes in the Extreme E championship (electric off-road vehicles with over 500 horsepower) with the famous DJ’s team Carl Cox. It’s a very competitive series where the off-road specialists compete, in the last race in Scotland she reached the podium. «At first, when the case broke out on social media and it turned out that they had been suspended, I thought of a joke. But then I discovered that it was true, and I was sorry. They are two good commentators, it all seemed so exaggerated to me. I know them and I wrote to them right away».

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Christine discovered her passion for engines by seeing her neighbor driving an old Toyota prepared for rallies, and from then on she always went on the run. It’s a world where men are the majority, have you ever experienced harassment or harsh comments? “They always ask me this question, and I say no. As in all working sectors, there are those who make a comment that maybe can be annoying, or something else, but I’ve never had any problems. I’ve always had a good relationship with all the Mundo».

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