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Ibaka talks about going to the Development League: I’m not KD, of course I have to find status

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Original title: Ibaka talks about going to the Development League: I am not KD, of course I have to look for the status

On November 19, Beijing time, Ibaka ended his last development league game. He scored 22 points, 14 rebounds and 4 assists. He is expected to return to the Clippers this week.

Earlier, Ibaka was in poor form in the two games after his comeback. He thought the current Clippers game was a bit too fast for him, so he took the initiative to apply to play in the Development League to find his status. Coach Tyron Lu also praised For this behavior, he is considered to be a real professional player.

Recently, Ibaka talked about his decision to take the initiative to play in the league in an interview. He said:

“One of the biggest reasons I decided to go to the Development League is that I was reading a book called “Egoism is the Enemy” recently. I have been in the league for 13 years but I have never been to the Development League. I used to wait and then Play for five minutes. That book helped me make this decision, and I played very happily in the Development League. There is nothing like playing basketball. I played with many young people.”

“There are many examples of this in the league. If you are a player like Leonard, Durant or Curry, you can not play for three years. After your comeback, the coach will also give them playing time, and the coach will work hard to give them weight. Build confidence. If you are a member of their group, then you don’t need to develop an alliance.”

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“But if you are not them, sometimes you have to rely on yourself and find ways to regain your confidence, because no one will help you.” Ibaka said.

“If I am Durant, I can miss two seasons and immediately resume my form to play, then of course I will play. But I am Ibaka, I need to work in my own way. No one will give me anything. I have been like this from the first day I entered the league, and this is why I decided to develop the league.” Ibaka said.

Durant replied to this remark on social media, and he joked: “What did they give me?”Return to Sohu to see more


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