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Ibra goes all out at Milanello. In January she will return to the group

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Ibra goes all out at Milanello.  In January she will return to the group

Recovery proceeds: he works in the gym for half a day and aims to be there after the break. Champions are in the sights

The numbers make Ibra the extraordinary champion he is, including those written on the hands of the clock: when his teammates arrived at Milanello yesterday for the team lunch, Zlatan had already been at work for a couple of hours. In the gym from ten in the morning until early afternoon, the recovery work from the surgery on his left knee at the end of last May proceeds: the second part of Ibra’s championship party was spent at the Hopital Jean Mermoz in Lyon. Expected stop of 7-8 months and everything goes smoothly: Zlatan is under the careful monitoring of the Rossoneri staff, who perfectly know his medical history and more. The database of doctors and physiotherapists contains valuable data, a sort of physical identity card of Ibra: each parameter (strength, speed, endurance) is constantly updated and when the values ​​return in line with the previous ones (i.e. before the injury) , the Swede will be able to return to the group.

In a group

Today’s forecast is that it will be able to do so, as per the initial tables, in January 2023. And that it will then be able to make itself available to Pioli for the second part of the season. There are no delays: participating in team training means being ready to play, so it will only happen in the new year. In the meantime, he will continue with his specific work, which in the coming weeks will also include running and training with the ball. Pioli is waiting for him: «It is never trivial in everything he says and what he does. It is a great help for everyone, it is a very positive presence. His recovery is progressing well, but the path is still long. He is working well ”, explained the coach on the eve of Milan-Monza a week ago. Ibra (guest at the Swedish House Mafia concert, Scandinavian house music) will want to offer his contribution in the second part of the season, the one that Pioli hopes will coincide with the championship sprint. But Ibra’s horizons are increasingly extended: he sees the possibility of playing the round of 16 of the Champions League, scheduled for February 2023. A goal still to be conquered, for which Ibra will be unleashed on the sidelines. At the moment.

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