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Ibrahimovic: “Milan, you make me proud. I have pains everywhere but …”

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Long interview with the Swedish champion: “The future? Carpe diem. In Spain I did a stupid thing but … I’ll do it again 100%”

360 degrees Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swedish champion talks about his feelings to the Guardian, in a long interview: he talks about himself, Milan, the national team and much more. “Every day I wake up with pains everywhere. But I have goals and adrenaline, so I keep going. I need to work to keep myself at the top, as long as I can I will continue like this. I don’t want regrets, I don’t want to think ‘I could have continued because I was fine’, I prefer being completely finished and saying “I can’t take it anymore.” It’s not a matter of contracts or fame, money and followers don’t heal you like adrenaline does. Suffering doesn’t give me problems, for me it’s like having breakfast. This new generation doesn’t understand it, they don’t have to do much to get credit. I’m very proud to belong to the older generation, which had to do a lot to get something. “

Da Maldini to Maldini

Zlatan is eternal, he played with Paolo Maldini and also with his son Daniel: “Daniel on the pitch is still a good boy, Paolo if he wanted to kill you football would kill you. I’m happy that they are not the same thing because it is not easy for the son to be compared to his father, especially when his father had such an amazing career. We are helping Daniel in every way. He is a great talent, but I tell him: ‘Play your game, fight, then you will lead the way on your own.’ I am happy . Will I play with Daniel’s son, if he has one? It’s already a miracle now … “. Ibra then turns his gaze back: “Life is going up and down. If everything has been perfect, there is nothing to talk about. Reality is not like a photo corrected with filters. People pretend to be perfect. . I say: ‘I am perfect when I am myself’. That does not mean that I will not go wrong, but I learn from mistakes. ”

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With Azpilicueta

The reference is to what happened during Spain-Sweden, the match that sent Roja to the World Cup and the Scandinavians to the play-offs: “I made a tackle on Azpilicueta. I did it on purpose. I’m not ashamed to say it, because he has I did something stupid towards a mate of mine. Mine was a stupid gesture too, but it meant, ‘You don’t have to do it. You don’t have the balls to do it against me. I’ll show you what happens if you do it to me.’ It wasn’t a good thing for me, but I would do it again, because this is me. ” That episode could cost him the March playoffs: “It’s not about losing the playoffs, but about making it clear that you don’t have to make fun of someone who is down. Too easy to blame my teammates who are 20 years old and are very nice guys. I did a stupid thing, yes. But I’ll do it again, 100% sure. “

Those young people around

Milan is the youngest team in the Champions League, despite Zlatan’s 40 years: “My teammates make me look young. They have this effect on me, I feel like Benjamin Button – continues Ibrahimovic -. I’m very proud because I see these young players. players take more responsibility, change mentality. This is my happiness now. This is my adrenaline. I go out and run as much as they do. I have been doing it for 20 years. Because when young people see me working hard they say: ‘After all he has done he’s still working. I have to do it because he did it. ‘ This is how I set an example. ” AC Milan today is different from that of his first adventure, in 2010: “When I was a Rossoneri for the first time, we were a team of superstars. Now there is talent but the project is different. And it’s more satisfying because if you are successful with superstars, it is almost taken for granted. This, however, is not predictable. “

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The comparison

On the comparison between Serie A and Premier League: “The quality in England is overestimated from a technical point of view, in this Spain, Italy and France are better. But the Premier League has a very high pace, and if you can’t manage that pace you won’t it’s not even enough to be the best player in the world. In England there are so many foreigners because they bring the technique. “


A thought to the family that resides in Sweden. “It’s not easy, but my wife takes care of the children. We make it work. When there is free time we meet and we are all happy.” But without his family and football, how did you feel at the start of the pandemic? “Only. It was strange because during the lockdown you were with your loved ones and I couldn’t, because you couldn’t travel. Then, when there was more openness, I went home and stayed with them for two months.”

The controversy with LeBron

The verbal confrontation via social media with LeBron James, at the beginning of the year, caused a sensation: “Sport unites people, politics divides. Agreement. But I don’t do politics. If I did, I’d be president now. LeBron James? I don’t know him personally. I don’t judge him. Whatever he does with racists, he’s right, because when 50,000 people call you a gypsy of m … ” , it’s the same. It’s always racism. “Finally, a joke about the future without football that, sooner or later, awaits this eternal champion:” If I worry about the future, I don’t focus on today. I live in the present time. Carpe Diem”.

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