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Ibrahimovic resolves Bologna-Milan: assists, goals and own goals

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Zlatan, in addition to being the fourth oldest player to score in Serie A, has become the oldest player ever to score an own goal. Evening as a protagonist, but the condition of the Swede is very precarious

More than a game, a film: twists, emotions, scares. And since Ibra is now used to leading roles in the cinema, he decided to act as the main actor at Dall’Ara as well. After all, this match could easily be called “Zlatan”, just like the film that will be released in Italian cinemas in November. He has more or less done everything himself, and the fact that at the moment he is a player far from even an acceptable condition, gives an even better idea of ​​his impact on games. On the other hand, he had already scored a goal against Lazio in half an hour of play, and “facilitated” in some way (here, however, the counter-proof is missing …) Gunter’s own goal against Verona in less than a quarter of an hour. This time he played 96 minutes and then had time to act out several scenes.

Legs, breath and blows

In a nutshell: the assist for Leao’s goal, the own goal for Bologna’s first goal, the personal seal to the ninetieth. The synthesis forcibly stops here because Ibra athletically right now is at the limit of the unpresentable. So let’s turn the somewhat provocative question to the Rossoneri fans: it is worth deploying a player who at this moment has no leg, is out of breath and is visibly afraid of running into other physical troubles (we have clearly seen this in several circumstances in which has given up a priori to fight on the ball or to shoot), but does he have the shots to substantially stamp a match? Let’s say that the alternatives don’t help: Giroud is also far from the best condition and Pellegri is injured again.

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Eternal battle

Rivers of words can be said about Ibra’s match in Bologna, but in statistical terms the data are incontrovertible. With this goal Zlatan has become, at 40 years and 20 days, the fourth oldest scorer in Serie A history. Costacurta, Piola and Vierchowod remain ahead of him. Billy (41 years, 25 days) appears more or less impregnable, Vierchowod (40 years and 47 days) anything but. You know, Z also feeds on these things, on those records that help him in the eternal battle against time. Tonight was his first game as a starter, and also his first goal, after turning 40. That this time everyone has seen each other, but what can you say to a player who in a match like this goes to take a shower with a goal and an assist on the scoresheet? Oh yes, there would also be another goal, but in the wrong door. Barrow’s corner, he who puts his head in it, spitting the ball and immediately realizes that he has committed an imprudence. In fact, with a late reaction he tries to put his head on the neck, as if that ball had not yet been hit. But by now the omelette is served and it is an omelette because the recovery has begun and that is the network that gives back energy and hopes to Bologna. The one followed by another in a few minutes. Bennacer takes care of everyone to get rid of them and Zlatan places the final seal in the 90th minute, just to live the last minutes of recovery without worries. A soft touch of the right, in the corner where no goalkeeper can get on a shot from that distance.

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Tandem to perfect

It was also the evening of the first real attempt in tandem with Giroud. At 2-2 Pioli tried to unhinge Bologna with all his guns. Half an hour together to see the effect it has. In short, so-so. Revisable, let’s say, above all because the physical conditions of both are revisable. Zlatan moved behind Olivier, leaving the Frenchman in possession of the area and retreating in an attempt to illuminate the game as he often likes to do. It ended up that he threw it in him, which also gives other numbers. For example, he is now a length of 400 goals scored with career clubs in national leagues. Monstrous figure. The closure is dedicated to another figure, on which maybe even the person concerned will smile: the Swede has also become the oldest ever to score an own goal in the history of A.


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