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Ice hockey DEL: Bremerhaven vs. Munich – live ticker – quarterfinals, 4th game – 2022/2023 playoffs

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Ice hockey DEL: Bremerhaven vs. Munich – live ticker – quarterfinals, 4th game – 2022/2023 playoffs
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    third conclusion:
    The second half-time break is without any further goals, meaning that the Fischtown Pinguins and EHC Red Bull Munich are still tied 1-1. Overall, Thomas Popiesch’s team had the better part of the game, but could not take advantage of the chances. Mathias Niederberger therefore increasingly took center stage. However, the guests defended two power play situations from the North Germans.

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    End of 2nd third

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    After a simple loss by the hosts in the neutral zone, Austin Ortega quickly makes the switch and charges forward down the inside left touchline. With his backhand shot, the American fails at Maximilian Franzreb.

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    Philip Samuelsson tries again from a distance. When the Swede finishes, Mathias Niederberger enjoys a clear view and is there with his catch hand.

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    Defensively, Bremerhaven continues to do a sovereign job. The guests have to work really hard for every opportunity.

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    Thus, the next power play of the home side passes unused. The Red Bulls are allowed to replenish their ranks.

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    Again Munich stops the attempts of Bremerhaven perfectly. Even at the end of the neutral zone, the enemy cannot get through, so the penguins often get stuck.

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    Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Maksymilian Szuber (EHC Munich)

    Tough decision: Maksymilian Szuber collides easily with Antti Tyrväinen and is sent to the penalty box.

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    Cheeky try! Philip Samuelsson shoots at Mathias Niederberger in the back from the left corner. Then the puck bounces against the crossbar – lucky for the guests.

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    Mathias Niederberger is required again! The 30-year-old grabs a long-range shot from Alex Friesen.

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    However, that was dangerous and a good chance for the penguins! Jan Urbas suddenly picks up the pace and runs towards Mathias Niederberger from the right. However, the guest goalkeeper remains standing for a long time and ultimately fends off the hard rubber with the saver.

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    In the meantime, the match is balanced again, although there are not many opportunities worth mentioning all the time. These have to be worked hard for.

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    The penalty time expires soon after. From now on, Konrad Abeltshauser can actively get involved for the guests again.

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    However, this time Thomas Popiesch’s team cannot establish itself at the front. Munich can hold the blue line again and again and thus prevent any conclusion.

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    What does Bremerhaven bring to the ice? The North Germans have scored four overtime goals in this year’s playoffs so far. A power play rate of 23.53 percent is a good value.

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    Konrad Abeltshauser

    Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Konrad Abeltshauser (EHC Munich)

    Konrad Abeltshauser is in the cool box for kicking against Žiga Jeglič.

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    Bremerhaven is still keeping the space in their own third tight and the Red Bulls away from dangerous finishing positions.

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    Yasin Ehliz has a lot of space in the left face-off circle and doesn’t hit the puck – that doesn’t happen to him often either.

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    A look at the statistics reveals slight advantages for Munich: the guests have already fired on Maximilian Franzreb’s goal 13 times. In contrast, the North Germans only had nine shot attempts.

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    It’s a similar picture as in the first third: the home side get the better start.

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    huge possibility for Bremerhaven! Ross Mauermann asserts himself in the slot and forwards the disc to the left post. There Markus Vikingstad is interrupted by Maximilian Daubner at the last moment, otherwise the Norwegian would have had the free box in front of him.

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    Actually, Jake Virtanen is staged nicely in a central position, but then the hard rubber slides over the blade and the Canadian’s chance is gone.

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    Let’s continue in the Eisarena Bremerhaven! Can Thomas Popiesch’s team maintain the good structure?

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    Beginning of 2nd third

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    third conclusion:
    After an intense 20 minutes, the Fischtown Pinguins and EHC Red Bull Munich are tied at 1-1! Thomas Popiesch’s team got off to a better start and earned the early lead from Christian Wejse (5th). The guests then became more active and were able to force Trevor Parkes to equalize (14′). Parkes also scored his 105th goal for the Red Bulls and took first place in the club’s all-time goalscoring list ahead of Michael Wolf (104).

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    End of 1st third

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    Frederik Tiffels tries a hidden wrist shot from a half-right position. Maximilian Franzreb has no trouble in the middle of the goal and fixes the hard rubber.

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    The seconds in front of the clock are now ticking without major interruptions, so that the game is approaching the first break.

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    The two teams then neutralize and can no longer gain a decisive advantage.

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    But Bremerhaven doesn’t allow itself to be intimidated either! The fast-paced Ross Mauermann escapes the opposing defense and slams the disc past the box.

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    Trevor Parkes immediately runs again, but is called off for a narrow offside.

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    Trevor Parkes

    Goal for EHC Munich, 1-1 by Trevor Parkes

    And this problem area of ​​the penguins is confirmed, because the doorbell is ringing again! Ben Smith has all the time in the world in the face-off circle on the right and plays Patrick Hager, who is parked directly in front of Maximilian Franzreb. The 34-year-old then bounces the puck to Trevor Parkes, whose direct shot hits the crossbar.

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    Bremerhaven recently lacked stability when outnumbered. In the current playoffs, Thomas Popiesch’s team has already conceded five goals with one man less on the ice.

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    Patch Alber

    Minor penalty (2 minutes) to Patch Alber (Fischtown Pinguins)

    Patch Alber gets his first penalty of the game for a save against Ben Smith.

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    rums! Phillip Bruggisser drives a hard open ice check against Filip Varejcka and takes the guest player out of the game.

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    Munich gives a sign of life at the front: Trevor Parkes tries the pawn trick. Maximilian Franzreb smells the roast and has the schooner down in time.

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    The teams can then take a deep breath in the first power break. Don Jackson in particular needs to be talked about.

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    Emotions run high for the first time: Philip Samuelsson and Jonathon Blum exchange a few warm words and push each other around – then play continues without penalties.

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    Philip Samuelsson takes the next degree but Mathias Niederberger is at his post.

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    Bremerhaven kept up the pace after the goal and didn’t let the Red Bulls develop.

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    Christian Wejse

    Goal for Fischtown Pinguins, 1-0 by Christian Wejse

    That was implied! Christian Wejse prevails over three guest players on the left cushion and forwards the hard rubber to Niklas Andersen. The Dane serves Nino Kinder at the near post, who still gets the puck in the slot if it falls. There Wejse has started and scored his first goal in the current playoffs.

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    Thomas Popiesch’s team apparently put up with Sunday’s slap and started bravely here.

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    Now Bremenhaven has the first big chance this encounter! Munich loses the disc in the offensive zone, then it quickly goes in the other direction via Nino Kinder. Ultimately, Niklas Andersen is free and pushes the thing just past the left post.

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    Jonathon Blum pushes the puck off the right board for the first time. Pinguins keeper Maximilian Franzreb has a clear view and snaps loosely with his catch hand.

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    There is an anniversary to celebrate with the guests: Daryl Boyle is playing his 500th DEL game in the Munich jersey today!

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    Let’s go in the Eisarena Bremerhaven! The main referees on the ice are Sirko Hunnius and Marian Rohatsch, who are supported on the lines by Maksim Cepik and Jonas Merten.

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    game start

  • 18:50

    Those are them Starting-Six of the two teams: Philip Samuelsson, Patch Alber, Jan Urbas, Žiga Jeglič and Miha Verlič start with the home side. Daryl Boyle, Maksymilian Szuber, Patrick Hager, Chris DeSousa and Maximilian Kastner are responsible for the Red Bulls’ first change. Maximilian Franzreb and Mathias Niederberger will again stand between the respective posts.

  • 18:43

    For the Penguins it was the first defeat in the fifth game of the current playoffs, at the same time the North Germans conceded more than two goals for the first time. “We knew that Munich would come at a fast pace. We wanted to keep the first third tight, put out discs and not take penalties. Things didn’t go the way we had imagined. But Munich also played it very well. We know what we have to do, we just have to implement it consistently,” explained Thomas Popiesch.

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    Now Munich wants to build on the sense of achievement and put everything back to the beginning in the series. “Our biggest goal was to minimize Bremerhaven’s chances and stop their attacks early. We scored the goals up front. It was very tough at times, and things got a little out of hand there. I’m proud of how the guys have come back. We want to continue playing like this,” said EHC head coach Don Jackson after the third match.

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    Bremerhaven caught the clearly favored Bayern Munich off the wrong foot twice at the beginning of the series before Don Jackson’s team responded with a bang on Sunday. Because the Red Bulls swept the Penguins out of their own arena with a 7-1 victory and followed up with a response that really hurt their opponents. The EHC was very efficient and recorded an excellent shot rate of 22.6 percent.

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    Have a wonderful good evening and welcome to the DEL Playoffs! The EHC Red Bull Munich is visiting the Fischtown Pinguins and wants to equalize this quarter-final series in game four. At 7 p.m. the first puck falls in the far north.

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