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“I’m not at the level I would like to be”

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“I’m not at the level I would like to be”

Honduran striker Luis Enrique Palma made history by helping Celtic reach their first grand final after defeating Aberdeen on penalties in the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup. The game was tied 3-3 after 90 minutes and overtime, with Palma stepping up to convert the second goal during the penalty shootout.

Despite starting on the bench, Palma was brought on in the 86th minute by coach Brendan Rodgers and made no mistake from the spot, sending the ball to the goalkeeper’s left side to secure Celtic’s victory. After seven shots per team, Celtic emerged victorious with a 6-5 scoreline, with Palma expressing his pride in the team’s performance on social media.

Palma acknowledged the challenges he has faced in his career and expressed his determination to reach his full potential. He thanked the fans for their support and emphasized the hard work needed to continue improving. The striker’s performance has garnered attention, with fans eagerly awaiting Celtic’s upcoming final against the winner of the Rangers vs Hearts match.

As Palma celebrates his first major cup final appearance, his dedication and resilience serve as inspiration for aspiring footballers. His journey to success is a testament to the determination and perseverance required to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness in the world of sports.

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