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In Pordenone Deli is pawing: the big match can be his

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In Pordenone Deli is pawing: the big match can be his

It will be difficult to see from the start: after all, he hasn’t played since 1′ for a month and a half. However, he could enter during the game. And engrave, as he has already done other times.

Pordenone-Vicenza, scheduled for tomorrow in Lignano, is also a number 10 match and for this reason it could be Francesco Deli’s match.

The playmaker of the green lizards dreams of being decisive and has the characteristics to succeed, in a challenge like this. Because Teghil’s 90′ promises to be uncertain and a stroke of genius can resolve the dispute.

The playmaker, born in 1994, waits for his moment working, trying to be ready. It has happened a few times lately, because the physical troubles have tormented him.

In fact, from October onwards Deli goes in and out of the infirmary. It all started in the match against Padova, in which he had to leave prematurely. It was September 24th.

From then on, only hit and miss attendance. He missed two games (with Renate and Arzignano), came back in the match against Mantova and played in the second half.

The same happened with Trento. And with his former coach Tedino’s team he did what he dreams of doing tomorrow: he came off the bench in the second half and scored the double that earned them victory. All in the 31st minute, with the last center to remember, perhaps the most beautiful of his career. Then with Feralpisalò, a few days later, the chance from 1′.

He didn’t shine, but at least he played 90′. From that moment he has always stopped due to physical problems: since then, in seven meetings, only 38′.

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The last 19′ with Pro Vercelli last Sunday. Scalped by the desire to give his contribution. And for this team that sometimes lacks imagination, flashes of her can serve a lot.

Deli is a perfect number 10, he has technique and game vision that few others have. In the initial plans he was supposed to trigger the two points.

So it was, in fact, but until the match against Padova, valid for the fifth day. Up to that moment he had shown he was useful to the cause, scoring Pordenone’s first league goal in Trieste in the match they then won 2-0. He dreamed of a championship as a protagonist, but that’s not the case, at least for now.

However, there is still time to make up for it and he will have to be good at seizing opportunities, at straightening out his vintage. Hoping, of course, not to have more muscle aches.

Already tomorrow the wind can change. Sometimes a spark is enough, which he is definitely able to set off by technical means.

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