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In sport, the pandemic blocks 500 teams in 58 leagues

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Volleyball and rugby at the antipodes

Focusing on the most popular sports, at the two extremes there are volleyball, which has registered very few “dropouts” and maintains a majority of championships in progress without the need for any retouching, and rugby, which – also penalized by the size of the rose and from being a discipline of accentuated physical contact – it has even canceled all national tournaments with the exception of the men’s Top 10: including the women’s sector, out of over 100 teams that could line up at the start only 10 are actually playing.

Substantial holding of men’s football from Serie A to Serie D. The situation of the fifth series, called Excellence, is decidedly critical. According to the findings made and save some last-minute changes, 44% of the teams – 239 out of 539 – will not take the field: with a greater concentration of cases in the Triveneto-Emilia Romagna macro-area, where PtsClas reports 67% of withdrawals, and with the particular situation of Umbria, which saw the cancellation of the regional championship.

The mid-range of basketball would in turn suffer the waiver of 42% (151 out of 361) of the clubs that were eligible to participate in the men’s C Gold and C Silver Series – corresponding to the fourth and fifth level – while the women’s Series B would register 23 forfeits out of 98 teams.

The stop of the youth teams

Beyond the realities monitored by the PtsClas study there is also the practically generalized stop for the “base” championships, whether it is for senior or youth formations. Boys and girls, boys and girls destined not to play a game for more than a year. “This is the aspect that is most important to us – comments Marco Riva, newly elected president of the Lombardy Coni Regional Committee, the largest in Italy – thinking about how much is taken away from young people in terms of education, training and integration. The economic value of sport must also be recognized and at this moment it is a question of staying close to the companies and plant managers, favoring contacts with local authorities and networking. We hope for a rebirth from the 2021/2022 season, aware that in a difficult situation we can also identify opportunities to come out better ».

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From the absence of the public to cancellations
To the province of each team participating in one of the 58 leagues taken into consideration (38 men and 20 women in 12 disciplines) PtsClas has assigned a value based on the tournament played, higher for Serie A football and gradually lower, taking into account the levels of individual leagues and the relevance of sports. This value is corrected according to a parameter that measures the “Covid-19 effect” on competitions. The aspects evaluated for determining the parameter are: the absence of an audience in the stands, the restructuring of the tournaments and in some cases their time reduction , the waivers of the teams to resume activity or to start a postponed championship by some federations and, finally, the eventual cancellation of the championship itself. All negative elements, “corrected” positively in the case of a total or partial television coverage of the events. The ranking and the relative index are the result of the value adjusted by the Covid-19 parameter compared to the size of the provinces in terms of population and area, for 80 and 20 per cent respectively.

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