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In Vistarino, Union Calcio does not go beyond equal

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Refurbished home team, but with an exceptional Migliari between the posts. Alibrandi in the second half responds to Amaro’s goal


Nice match at Bersanino di Vistarino for the second day of the Italian Cup. The Vistarino comes from the victory in Landriano, while for the Union Calcio Basso Pavese it is the debut after the initial rest session.

The home team is heavily rearranged: five absent on which the attackers Sconfietti and Pesca stand out, decisive in the previous round. In goal there is the expert Migliari, coming from the Excellence where he defended the Academy’s posts. At the center of the defense the excellent Manzoni and Cozzi guarantee solidity to the whole department. Union Calcio fielded the new Manzo bomber on the bench while the ex-Pavia Morini fielded between the posts and the new-entries Odi, Furbinelli, Dragoni and Fiammenghi on the pitch. The first ten minutes between the two teams are mainly of study, both play mainly in midfield trying to perfect their respective tactical assets.

The first conclusion is from Vistarino at 10 ‘, with Di Massa, a weak shot that does not worry Morini. At 20 ‘dangerous Vistarino with Zanoni, his conclusion is deflected for a corner by the Union Calcio goalkeeper. At 28 ‘the guests wake up, it is Dragoni who starts a broadside from outside the area, Migliari touches and raises over the crossbar. At 35 ‘to pass is the Union Calcio, with the expert Amaro able to make his way into the opponent’s defense and place the winning shot. Nothing to do this time for Migliari.

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At 40 ‘Vistarino tries to react, with Tezzon headed from a corner. Inzuccata without too many pretensions. The recovery, despite the heat and the swirl of substitutions, is compelling and presents continuous reversals in front. Five minutes pass and it is still Amaro, with his head, who sends his squash a little high.

At 7 ‘of the second half Migliari is decisive on Odi, his amazing exit that denies the joy of the goal to the number 10 guest. At 9 ‘Vistarino draws with one of the most beautiful actions of the match: it is Alibrandi, excellently primed by Miccoli after a good progression, who makes fun of the entire opponent’s rearguard and beats Morini with great coldness. Applause from the large audience that flocked to the Bersanino. At 20 ‘great chance for the local doubling, but Arodi stumbles on the ball right in front of the goalkeeper, who manages to neutralize. Hands in the hair for the home midfielder. It is Union Calcio that is now trying to push, giving the feeling of wanting to seek victory. He does it vehemently but also with little clarity: many crosses and long balls, but the defense of Vistarino holds more than discreetly despite his fatigue.

At 91 ‘, in full recovery, the great opportunity for the guests with Blinishita – forgotten in the area – hitting his head, but once again Migliari is unbeatable. It ends in a draw, a fair result. –

Daniela Scherrer

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