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Indoor skiing craze sweeps Guangdong

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Title: Guangdong Welcomes Indoor Skiing Consumption Boom

The southern province of Guangdong is experiencing a surge in interest in indoor skiing, with the Guangzhou Hot Snow Miracle attracting over 3 million visitors since its opening. As outdoor skiing resorts in the north open for the season, indoor skiing facilities close to home have once again become a favorite among skiing enthusiasts in the south.

According to data from Meituan, searches related to “indoor skiing” in Guangdong have surged by 295% since November, with Guangdong accounting for nearly 60% of the total visitors to Guangzhou Hot Snow Miracle. The site has added new snow-themed attractions this year, such as the Tulip Flower Sea Snow Circle and Snowman World, which have significantly enhanced the attractiveness of the products.

The indoor skiing industry has been experiencing rapid growth in China, with 50 new indoor skiing venues attracting a cumulative total of 3.65 million skiers in 2022-2023, accounting for 18.41% of all skiing activities. Since the conclusion of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the popularity of mass participation in ice and snow sports has continued to rise, making indoor skiing facilities increasingly popular tourist destinations in the southern region.

This surge in interest in indoor skiing and ice and snow amusement products in the East and South China directions indicates a growing market for ice and snow consumption in Guangdong. Industry insiders believe that with the gradual increase in indoor ice and snow facilities and the boost from local service platforms, more and more people in the south are joining in, turning ice and snow tourism into a nationwide phenomenon.

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In addition to the increasing consumer demand for indoor skiing, there is significant potential for the cultivation of young skiing talents in Guangdong. With favorable policies and conditions, the region is expected to not only produce more ski enthusiasts but also nurture its own ski Olympic champions.

The industry predicts that the 2023-2024 snow season will be the most prosperous in the last five years, marking a significant trend towards increased interest and participation in ice and snow sports in the southern region.

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