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Insigne reacts to the evaluation on FIFA 23: “I’m not Messi, huh?”

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Insigne reacts to the evaluation on FIFA 23: “I’m not Messi, huh?”

With a video shared on social media, Insigne commented live on his parameters on the expected FIFA 23. Here’s how he took the evaluation of EA Sports.

With a nice video posted on social media, Lorenzo Insigne ‘reacted’ to his evaluation on FIFA 23. The evaluation of the European champion with the Italy and former Napoli shirt was already known since the MLS ratings were shared. From the MLS, as we had the opportunity to tell last week, there were surprises from the scores in particular of Bernardeschi and Criscito. Apparently, however, Insigne didn’t have too much to feel bad about …

Insigne “comments” on the overall on FIFA 23 –

In the clip, which you can see in the tweet below, Insigne discovers his card on FUT parameter by parameter, reacting from time to time in his own way. Only a few words in English, for now, and lots of funny and self-ironic jokes about their characteristics in the game (and not). It starts from the speed of 84, on which Lorenzo had anticipated an 80 and let himself go to a “I thought worse”, and from the shot, only 78, on which the Neapolitan explains that “you are treating me badly”. “I think I have a good pass”, anticipating an 80 on this parameter and being confirmed with, instead, an excellent 84. On dribbling he gets unbalanced: “I’m not Messi, huh?”. But the result is still excellent: 89. “Defense… poor. I don’t like to defend ”and in fact he is only 36, while on the physique on the one hand he makes fun of himself, on the other he hits the full 45 rating.

How does it fare in MLS? –

Insigne’s overall on FIFA 23 is 84, a rating that all in all, as you can see from the video, makes him quite satisfied. And he is right: on the 24th he took home the best rating of the entire MLS, equaled only by another champion who emigrated a few months ago, namely Giorgio Chiellini. A two-point downgrade, however, from last season, which began with a lavish rating of 86 but lowered throughout the year and, finally, once news of his move to America arrived. Now, with a less competitive championship and the absence from the European cups, EA Sports has chosen to further adjust the rating of the playmaker, which does not seem to have disappointed him too much.

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