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Inspiring youth power to pursue dreams at the Winter Olympics (Winter Olympics Telephoto)

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After honing and accumulating experience, post-00 athletes——

Inspiring youth power to pursue dreams at the Winter Olympics (Winter Olympics Telephoto)

Figure ①: Song Qiwu in the game.

Photo by our reporter Jiang Yushi

Photo ②: Li Wenlong celebrates after the game.

Photo by our reporter Wang Xiaguang

Figure ③: Yang Shuorui in the game.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li He

At the Beijing Winter Olympics, the post-00s athletes of the Chinese sports delegation galloped on the ice and snow arena, ignited their youth with passion, and grew up with hard work.

“The moment I landed, I felt a special sense of achievement”

During the pre-competition training for the freestyle skiing women’s big platform qualifying competition, Yang Shuorui, who had just turned 18, had an accident when he landed and was taken to an ambulance for emergency treatment.

After treatment, Yang Shuorui decided to return to the game. In the game, Yang Shuorui’s three jumps all landed smoothly, but he failed to advance to the final. “It’s a pity that the difficult movements that have been practiced for a long time have not been made,” she said.

In October 2018, because of “curiosity”, Yang Shuorui began to get in touch with freestyle skiing, and he gradually fell in love with it after learning about it. “Grab the board in the air and land, the movements are very cool. I like the feeling of leaping. The moment I land, I feel a sense of accomplishment.” Yang Shuorui said. During training, she has to practice every action for a long time. “This process is difficult, and if you persist, you will win.”

“The next cycle, hopefully to new heights”

On February 7, the women’s single bobsleigh competition was held, and Wang Peixuan completed the first show of the women’s single bobsleigh event at the Winter Olympics.

On the evening of February 8, after the third round of skiing crossed the finish line, a bright smile bloomed on Wang Peixuan’s face. Despite failing to make it to the fourth round, Wang Peixuan is surpassing himself every time. Wang Peixuan said: “I am very satisfied with my performance today, and the results are getting better every time.”

Seven years ago, Wang Peixuan, who was still a javelin thrower, didn’t know much about sledding. After being selected to join the Chinese sled team, her talent in this event gradually emerged.

Now, Wang Peixuan has set his sights on 4 years later: “I will continue to do my best, and in the next cycle, I hope to reach new heights.”

“Our team is a united collective, always supporting each other”

In the short track speed skating arena, Li Wenlong’s silver medal is full of weight. In the men’s 1000-meter final on February 7, he was full of energy, not afraid of challenges, and finally stood on the podium of the Winter Olympics.

Winning a silver medal at the first Winter Olympics, Li Wenlong said: “It feels so good to win glory for the country! With the help of my teammates and the entire team, I can keep moving forward.”

It took Li Wenlong 10 years from starting to practice skating to standing on the podium at the Winter Olympics. When he first joined the team, he was very small and had never even skated.

In order to make up the gap with his teammates, he devoted himself to it. It was with a lot of hard work that Li Wenlong entered the national team, stood out in the trials, and successfully qualified for the Winter Olympics. “Participating in the Winter Olympics, I have learned a lot from competition experience, on-the-spot response, and tactical execution.” Li Wenlong said, “Our team is a united group and will always support each other.”

This silver medal, for him, is just a new beginning.

“The competition has gained a lot, and I have accumulated courage and experience”

On February 9th, the snowboard women’s obstacle course was held. Feng He is the youngest among all participating athletes, only 17 years old this year.

Although he stopped in the 1/8 finals, Feng He, who has only practiced for more than 3 years, has become the first athlete of the Chinese team to participate in the snowboard slalom chase at the Winter Olympics. At the end of the game, Feng He formulated a more specific training plan, “Go back and continue to practice, first to improve physical fitness.”

Feng He started sports at the age of 12. From sprinting to snowboarding, the transition was not easy. Obstacle chases are fast, and you need to climb hills and jumps in the air from time to time. At first, Feng He, who was used to running on the ground, was not used to it. “I have to thank my coach, who often encouraged me to say ‘you can do it’,” Feng He said.

With a strong energy, Feng He is growing. Feng He said: “The competition has gained a lot, and I have accumulated courage and experience.”

“I sometimes dream of myself flying”

On February 5, Chinese team player Song Qiwu appeared in the ski jumping men’s individual standard competition. Although he failed to advance to the final round, Song Qiwu said he saw a gap when competing with the world‘s top players.

Song Qiwu has only been engaged in ski jumping for three years, from track and field athletes to ski jumping, Song Qiwu said: “When I first transformed, I was breaking through my psychological limits every day.”

From 30 meters, 60 meters to 90 meters, as the height increases, Song Qiwu is gradually adapting to the ski jumping event. “I sometimes dream of flying up to the audience,” Song Qiwu said.

For Song Qiwu, the Beijing Winter Olympics is a valuable asset in his sports career. He said that he will continue to train hard and strive to play well in future games.

(Reported by our reporters and Peijuan, Liu Shuoyang, Ji Fang, Wang Liang and Fan Jiayuan)

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