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Instagram, social protest (with Chiara Ferragni): “It must not become like TikTok”

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Instagram, social protest (with Chiara Ferragni): “It must not become like TikTok”

“Instagram, go back to being Instagram”Reads the online protests of simple users and known influencer who also launched an online petition on the well-known change.org website. The message was also posted by Chiara Ferragni in a Stories from his social account. There protest refers to the new features introduced by the Meta in recent times they do resemble the social network a little too much in TikTok. The official answer of Adam Mosserihead of Instagram, however, does not leave much room for the wishes of users.

Protest on the net

Scrolling through the timeline of Instagram of many influencers and simple users in the last few days it is easy to find in the posts and in the Stories a protest message against new changes in the social network. A “make Instagram Instagram again” that tries to draw the attention of the top management of the American company to the will of users to go back to the old platform which was much more focused on photo that on the videos and allowed to scroll i contents friends rather than perfect viral posts unknown.
To raise awareness among executives of Metaafter celebrity posts such as the former model and now social media influencer Kylie Jenner and the sisters Kardashiana petition was also launched on change.org which he has already collected over 130 thousand companies. Chiara Ferragni also joined the protest chorus who accompanied the message on the net with an eloquent “pretty please”, “seriously, please”.

The response from Instagram

The response to criticism on the new course of the social network on the part of Meta was not long in coming and was entrusted to Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, through a post su Twitter.
“We are hearing many concerns from all of you – reads the replica – for photos and how we are moving towards the video. We will continue to support the photos, but I have to be honest: Instagram will focus more and more on videos over time. We will have to lean on that change continuing to support photos ”.
Mosseri he then defended the new feature of the platform called “recommendations”Which highlights in its feed the content of people that users do not follow. “The idea behind the new one functionality – explains Mosseri – is to help you discover new and interesting things about Instagram that you might not even know exist. ”Something really close to TikTok.
The final gloss does not leave much room for desires expressed by users: “we will need to evolvercibecause the world is changing rapidly and we will have to change with it. “

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