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“Insulted on social media for youth football, that’s enough now.” Protests the president of Varzi

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Fabrizio Catenacci: «We offered parents to register their children and we received insults on social networks. I ask that they come and talk to us “


“Few, to say no inscriptions yet, but insults and offenses.” Clear words, these, to summarize an uncomfortable and unpleasant story, which is altering the climate in the Varzi house and which is linked to the youth sector.

Registrations for the categories First kicks, Pulcini, Debutants and Giovanissimi are now open, and no one comes forward yet. What was instead advanced, on social networks, was the protest, with insults and offenses, by parents, former coaches, former collaborators, against the Varzi company which would only be able to deal with the fate of the first team and only in starts by setting up the provincial Juniores and Under 18 formations.

In practice, the country says: those of Varzi (perhaps considered “foreigners”) do nothing for our children.

The president of Varzi, Fabrizio Catenacci (who called a press conference on the delicate issue, to which the mayor Giovanni Palli and the councilor for public works, Gabriele Indolenti were also invited) explained: “For several years, at the beginning of every football season, I have always seen insults and offenses against myself, the club and my collaborators. This is my sixth year in management. In previous years I have never said anything for style, but now we have gone further. Especially on social media, several people have crossed the line and we are unfortunately also talking about former coaches in our youth sector. I am personally willing to clarify and explain our position and the company policy on young people which is transparent.We can arrange an appointment directly with myself, to talk about the matter and try to resolve everything together, rather than arguing left and right. I’ve always been available to talk to anyone. In the 54 years of previous management, Varzi has never had an office, which is now open in via Carlo Spagnolo 6, just in case and can be accessed during office hours, every day, even on Saturdays and Sundays. I don’t like these things remotely, you have to talk to each other looking in the eyes. I believe I am a proactive person who knows how to listen to others “.

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The councilor Indolenti also takes sides on the matter: “The Municipality is investing heavily in sport, and aims to modernize and expand more and more the citadel of sport, which in addition to football fields, tennis courts and the swimming pool, will also see the birth of a padel court. It would be a pity that the country’s users were missing. The first who should use it are our kids. With regard to the Varzi affair, I believe that there is too much envy and that with direct dialogue certain discrepancies can be easily resolved ».

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