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insults and whistles from American fans at Pascual

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insults and whistles from American fans at Pascual

América de Cali Suffers Another Defeat in Colombian League 2024

América de Cali’s tough run in the Colombian League 2024 continued with another defeat on Thursday evening, adding to their disappointing performance in the championship so far. The team’s situation in the standings does not seem to be improving, as they failed to secure a much-needed win.

Despite having several chances, the local team was unable to recover from the blow and failed to even tie the match. The game also saw two expulsions, with Jáder Quiñones being sent off in the 55th minute and Yohan Andres Garcés in the 73rd minute.

The frustration of the fans was evident as a video showed them tearing down fences in a restricted area for fans, at the access door between the stand and the locker room tunnel. They also began to insult the coach for the result of the match.

With their next game scheduled for Sunday, February 25, against Jaguares de Córdoba at the Municipal de Montería stadium, América de Cali will be hoping to achieve a positive result to ease the pressure on the team and the coaching process led by César Farias.

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