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Insurance for your bike trip

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Insurance for your bike trip


We dedicate a lot of time to planning a trip, we prepare everything in advance, we research the best routes, we make spreadsheets and we dedicate ourselves to training. But when it’s time to leave, many ignore one of the most important items: travel insurance.

No one is prepared for an unforeseen event or emergency, and since there is no way to predict the multitude of things that can happen, it is necessary to be ready to resolve any unforeseen event that may arise.

When this occurs on a trip, the problem can become even greater, as in many countries medical expenses and other coverage are much more expensive than people can foresee when they project a spending budget.

So the best thing to do is to prevent. Travel insurance is indicated as it covers unexpected expenses that may occur during the period that you will be away from your city of residence.

Is it worth paying for travel insurance?

Many people believe that travel insurance is unnecessary and do not even seek to know more about how it works. And this is one of the biggest mistakes they can make on their trip.

When traveling by bicycle, an accident can quickly become very expensive.

Fortunately, the bike travelers around me rarely used their insurance. But let’s be honest, we are doing an activity that exposes us. We cannot control the sometimes very dangerous behavior of drivers.

And even if we are not at fault, nothing guarantees that the other person involved will be able to finance our expenses, especially in case of hospitalization. The rules are not the same everywhere, insurance is not necessarily mandatory in other countries. But it’s better to prevent.

Travel insurance liability coverage

It is true that many times we do not have to use it, but it is always an advantage to have it. For example, let’s say you accidentally break another traveler’s SLR camera. Or, worse, that you unintentionally hurt someone, of course.

Insurance will be able to cover all of this and that is quite positive. Of course, I hope you don’t have to use it, but it can still come in handy if needed.

Early return in case of accident

I’m sorry to bring this up, but if you lose a loved one during your trip and you also don’t have the means to return, insurance can come in handy. Insurance usually covers your return trip or even your round trip.

In the event of hospitalization, some insurers may also pay for one of your relatives’ round-trip travel, as well as hotel costs to accompany you through these difficult times.

With the insurance done, the bike trip is more peaceful

Knowingly not taking out insurance is always baffling because it is stressful, especially on a bike.

It is true that insurance has a cost, but for all that, I remind you, it is almost the same as mutual insurance and allows you to have peace of mind.

What to know before taking out insurance for a bicycle trip

Due to our activity as sport travellers, there are some aspects to check before taking out your insurance! Obviously, you will have to adapt according to your needs, desires and destinations.

What insurance for me?

If the trip is international, the decision for travel insurance may also be mandatory, as in European countries that are part of the Schengen Treaty, Cuba and some other Latin American countries.

But choosing the best travel insurance is not always easy. Finding a policy with the necessary coverage and good value for money is essential for peace of mind.

There are currently several international travel insurance plans on the market with different coverage and value. Therefore, in order not to have unwanted surprises during the trip, it is necessary to do a lot of research before buying.

For those who are going on an international trip, taking out incomplete or poor quality insurance can mean that any unforeseen event spoils what was planned for months.

Do I need to hold my luggage?

Not all travel insurance companies offer luggage insurance.

Sometimes it is only insured in case of loss of luggage during air travel or in transport. Theft is sometimes insured in certain situations. Anyway, for us cyclists, I don’t know if this feature is important when choosing insurance. As far as travel is concerned, it is less interesting because we are more on bicycles than on planes.

Does it cover theft or breakage of my bike?

So far I haven’t found any travel insurance that protects the bike against breakage or theft. You will need to take out specific insurance for her. Bicycle insurance is a specific insurance policy made just for bicycles, which can cover loss, damage, liability or even medical payments.

Ride is a digital bicycle insurance platform, providing cyclists with a tool that simulates online all bicycle insurance on the market, comparing coverage, prices and deductibles, and without requiring any personal information to quote.

What are the guarantees in my contract?

This is one of the most difficult elements to decipher. Among the legal jargon not necessarily accessible at first glance, the important elements, it’s easy to get lost.

In my opinion, the essentials in a contract are: coverage of medical expenses at real costs and without a deductible; Civil liability with high guarantees in case of personal injury; Repatriation and assistance that allows you to be repatriated in case of medical need, death, but also in case of the death of a loved one.

With my credit card insurance?

Your bank card may offer travel insurance. But be careful, you really need to pay attention to the conditions of the latter. Ceilings are sometimes very low. In some cases, it’s even a simple down payment for hospitalization costs that you’ll have to repay for life! Read all of this carefully.

Travel sometimes must have been paid for by credit card to be insured.

How are medical expenses covered?

In some insurances, in particular those linked to your bank card, it happens that the deductibles in case of medical consultations are more expensive than the consultations themselves.

Travel insurance is never unanimous and still! In my opinion, insuring your bike trip is essential.

Currently, the top 10 insurance policies for international travel are:

  1. Assist Card
  2. Universal Assistance
  3. Intermac Assistance
  4. Allianz Travel
  5. safe harbor
  6. Coris
  7. Next Travel Insurance
  8. GTA
  9. Affinity Travel Insurance
  10. Cyclic
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