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Inter, Calhanoglu on Inzaghi: the interview divides the fans

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Inter, Calhanoglu on Inzaghi: the interview divides the fans

The interview with the midfielder and the jab against Inzaghi on the championship derby lost in the comeback: the Nerazzurri people continue to discuss it

The statements by Hakan Calhanoglu rebounded yesterday evening by Turkey continue to cause discussion. And it doesn’t matter that a few minutes before 11pm there was also a clarification, because by now the bang had already been done and the shock wave had been generating reactions of various kinds for tens of minutes. Limiting the grumbling to internal issues – and therefore to the criticisms directed at Simone Inzaghi -, there is a good slice of fans who basically agree with the midfielder regarding that 1-2 immediately comeback at the hands of Milan last 5 February. There is much more criticism from the Nerazzurri on the methods and timing, which in general is divided between those who agree with the former Rossoneri and those who instead point the finger at him.

The match

Calhanoglu, before the denial, focuses attention above all on the substitutions made by Simone Inzaghi between 69 ‘and 73’: first the coach takes away Lautaro Martinez (who had played badly and in fact is not mentioned by the Turkish) and Ivan Perisic for make way for Alexis Sanchez and Federico Dimarco, shortly after he himself gives way to Arturo Vidal. Hakan and the Croatian are the protagonists of two excellent performances, while none of the three substitutes breaks the sufficiency. At 78 ‘Olivier Giroud has already completed the comeback with a brace in four laps, with Inter melting like an ice cube in cocktails in August. It is not simply a chronological coincidence, according to many fans: it is not even for Calhanoglu, who after four and a half months underlined the episode. On the other hand, the advantage had been signed by Perisic in the 38th minute, on an assist from him.

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Sui social

As we know, the various Facebook and Twitter (above all) are the sports bar of the Third Millennium, with exaggerations and distortions that we all know. It can, however, be used as a thermometer of what the fans think about the matter, like when you took a tour of the country’s tavern and heard excerpts of discussions on the football news. The impression that comes from the social networks is that many Inter fans agree with what Calhanoglu said, blaming Inzaghi for having taken away two of the best players on the pitch in the derby. “He is very right”, we read in several interventions, “Scudetto lost due to Inzaghi’s fault” someone else adds. The Nerazzurri could have extended in the league by sinking their cousins ​​and instead, from that match, Inter’s period of crisis of results will begin. In truth, many of the supporters who did not appreciate Calhanoglu’s words dispute the usefulness and modalities of these statements, much less the groundlessness of the considerations. “He could have avoided, but Inzaghi is too good as a manager since the players take the trouble to say certain things.” In short, it would have been better to avoid such statements but, once said, they seem correct: the common sentiment of Inter fans seems this, in the heat.

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