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Inter, Christmas party: Marotta, Inzaghi and Zhang speak

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Inter, Christmas party: Marotta, Inzaghi and Zhang speak

Marotta: “With Napoli we want to achieve a great result”. The president: “Proud of our Argentines”. The coach: “We’ll try to restart as best we can”

Beppe Marotta, CEO of Inter, spoke at the Nerazzurri Christmas dinner and spoke to the microphones of Sky Sport: “A wonderful page has just ended, the World Cup in Qatar. A demonstration of how football is a great phenomenon of aggregation Now we return to the championships: we want to start again with a great competitive spirit and with the desire to obtain great satisfaction. Our club, given the history it represents, must be ambitious. Ambition is a source of pride, certainly not pride. On January 4th we have to try to be competitive, trying to get a great result against Napoli who have shown, so far, that they are the strongest team”.


Marotta then returned to Argentina’s victory, and consequently of Toro Lautaro: “We are very happy for Lautaro and Correa. Winning the World Cup represents the most important aspect in a player’s career. We are confident that Toro can receive a great charge to demonstrate all his qualities at San Siro, and beyond”. Opposite speech for Romelu Lukaku: “He loves Inter, we understood that by spending whole days with him. He’s struggling with this muscular discomfort, I think he’s fully recovered. He needs to find the right condition, but he has great motivation and we We expect important things from him”. Lastly, a greeting to the fans: “First of all, I want to say that Inter is in the history of world football. Our palmares is rich, it’s up to us to manage this moment and we want to do it in the best possible way. We hope that 2023 can bring us that trophy that was missed in 2022″.

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“For the first time in three years we can be here. Everyone is excited, I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas”. Chairman Steven Zhang was also at the Nerazzurri Christmas dinner: “I promise the fans that we will do everything to revive the season and to win, best wishes to everyone. We want to win many trophies in 2023, this is the club’s goal in every season We did it in recent years. I’m very happy for Lautaro, he received a lot of criticism for two games he didn’t play badly but he knew how to react by taking Argentina to the top of the world. We saw him grow at Inter for five years, he improved We are satisfied and proud of him. We are very confident about Lukaku; there are ups and downs for every player, but he is training hard every day. We expect great things.”


The first to speak was Simone Inzaghi: “Ours was a rewarding season, with two titles won and the Scudetto disputed until the last day. Now we’re starting again and we have to do our best. We owe it to ourselves and our fans who have never abandoned us in difficult moments, the fans have always been there for us. Nothing is lost, we will try to restart as best as possible”.

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