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Inter, comeback mission for Inzaghi. Two-headed Inter to surprise

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Inter, comeback mission for Inzaghi.  Two-headed Inter to surprise

The Nerazzurri are already playing a lot with Napoli in the second half. With Brozovic’s return, a double playmaker in the median is possible. But we need the real Lukaku and Lautaro

Vincenzo D’Angelo, Marco Fallisi, Alessandra Gozzini

We’ll talk about Brozovic’s return and how Inter can change below, but the most important return for Inzaghi will be that of Romelu Lukaku.

Returns – Relaunch lukaku

The World Cup didn’t go as hoped, so it’s possible that Lukaku could come back even more energized and “angry”, ready to make up for lost time. The season so far has been bitter, yet at times the natural understanding that binds the Belgian to Lautaro has been revised. With Lu-La at the top (not those seen at the World Cup), it will be easier to believe in a comeback for the Scudetto, provided that Inter quickly manages to find a way to enhance Lukaku’s qualities. Inzaghi can lower the team’s center of gravity in the non-possession phase, to then immediately go vertical on Lukaku once he wins the ball back. A different Inter from Inzaghi’s first version, but perhaps more balanced and overflowing. Lukaku permitting.

Tactics: double director

Life is strange: Inter spent months looking for a deputy for Brozo, after losing the last Scudetto due to the lack of a valid alternative to the Croatian playmaker. And now he discovered that he had the solution at home. Hakan Calhanoglu was the weapon of the Nerazzurri’s revenge: in the most delicate moment, with the risk of elimination from the Champions League, the Turkish player took the team by the hand and took it to a new level. So now Inzaghi is studying the new double play solution, to surprise his opponents. Brozo was born attacking midfielder-incursor, he will have no difficulty in putting himself back on the role of the area attacker. He will just have to refine the understanding with Calha: when one goes down, the other attacks deep or goes vertical to receive the ball on the frontline and create superiority. And whoever thought they could get away with the cage on Brozo will have to change their strategy.

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Preparation: specific work

Four athletic sessions before the Sunday afternoon departure for Malta. This is the initial program drawn up by Simone Inzaghi and his staff. Start-up this afternoon, double session tomorrow and last session on Sunday morning in Appiano Gentile. Correa will not be part of the group and will be re-aggregated upon his return from Malta, when Onana will probably also meet again, having returned early from Qatar. Inter need to get off to a strong start right away: so some initial background, speed resistance sessions and then a search for brilliance in the second half of December. On 4 January against Napoli it will already be a decisive challenge for the Nerazzurri, who will then play for the first trophy of the season on the 18th in the Supercoppa derby. And those who are busy at the World Cup will find a custom made-to-measure job when they return.

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