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Inter, fans blocked by the ultras’ protest: «Kidnapped» – breaking latest news

by admin
Inter, fans blocked by the ultras’ protest: «Kidnapped» – breaking latest news

by Sports Editorial Staff

A fan denounced what happened in the opening minutes of Inter-Genoa: «There is very little love for the team, while there is a lot of interest»

A wait of about 20 minutes, the match in progress and access to the stands denied. This is what an Inter fan reported the day after the San Siro match against Genoa which – won by Inzaghi’s team – brought the Nerazzurri +15 from Juventus. «Last night the Inter ultras prevented us from entering the corner, they stood in front of the entrances and blocked us – Andrea’s story to Lapresse -. I want to enter the stadium and I don’t want to be kidnapped while the police and stadium security watch this abuse impassively.”

The situation described by this fan is clear: if the Curva protests and announces its entry into the sector late, anyone who has a seat assigned there will have to adapt. What the hottest part of the Nerazzurri fans contested were the measures of the public security authorities who, following the clashes with Juventus fans on February 4th, banned drums, flags and amplifiers in that portion of the stadium. The protest was announced like this: «No cheering today, the Curva Nord remains at the baretto. We took on responsibilities that we didn’t have and waited in a composed manner for a sign of reopening our right to cheer after yet another closure. Enough is enough, we will no longer accept this absurd and blind repression resulting from a useless show of strength by those who should guarantee certain rights.”

It’s a shame that in this remote “clash” between ultras and sports institutions, even those like Andrea who had to give up the first twenty minutes of Inter-Genoa were involved: “It’s unthinkable that because of someone’s fault so many and so many are punished continue to be penalized by actual Camorra attitudes – he further explained -. This is not support or support for Inter, but is simply the reconfirmation that there is very little love for the team, while there are many interests.”

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March 5, 2024 (modified March 5, 2024 | 12:01)

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