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Inter, Inzaghi’s rule: “Are you booked? I’ll replace you”

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Inter, Inzaghi’s rule: “Are you booked? I’ll replace you”

In Reggio Emilia, the confirmation: 8 of the 16 Nerazzurri who got a yellow card in the first 9 days of the championship were alternated, often after a few minutes. Brozovic is the only one to escape the diktat

In Reggio Emilia the confirmation has arrived: in Inter those who are warned are replaced. Often after a few minutes. Simone Inzaghi does not like to keep players on the pitch burdened by a yellow card and in the first nine days, Brozovic aside, he systematically alternated them so as not to finish the match with the team in ten. Which, it must be emphasized, has never happened so far.


The possibility of making five substitutions undoubtedly helps the Nerazzurri coach who is not inclined to risk. Or at least, he’s not with all the elements of him. The only one he trusts even when he remedies a yellow card is Marcelo Brozovic. The Croatian, on the first day on the Lecce field, was called back to the bench two minutes after the yellow card (10’st), but then concluded the matches against Lazio, Milan, Turin and Udinese in which the yellow was waved in the face by the referee on duty. In short, irreplaceable even if warned.


The companions of the Croatian director usually do less well. Let’s go in chronological order: in Lecce there are two yellow cards and as many “lightning” substitutions arrive, namely that of Brozovic and that of Darmian (yellow at 17 ‘of the second half, change at 22’). Zero warnings and no forced alternation against Spezia and Cremonese, while in the derby even Dumfries, like Brozo, escapes the “Inzaghi rule”. From Udine onwards, the diktat of the technician comes back into force and is applied almost strictly. At the Dacia Arena Bastoni was booked in the 13th minute of the first half and substituted 18 minutes later together with Mkhitaryan, who had been given a yellow card in the 21st minute. You will remember the anger on the bench of the national team defender who certainly did not take it well. Simone explained that he didn’t like the team’s attitude, that Inter were suffering in the left lane and that he didn’t want to stay in ten. Hence the double change at half an hour, certainly not a usual move. In Friuli even Darmian, burdened with a yellow from 46 ‘of the first fraction, alternated on 22’ of the second half. The only one spared of the four yellow cards was the untouchable Brozovic. Here we are at Inter-Roma 1-2 where there are four yellow cards, but only Asllani goes to sit on the bench, 4 minutes after the yellow card. Why doesn’t the “Inzaghi rule” take place? Simple: Correa remedies the yellow card as a substitute, at 42 ‘of the second half, Gosens and Barella after the 90’, with no substitutions. At the Mapei Stadium, however, we are back … to normal: Asllani remains in the locker room after the yellow card immediately in the 19 ‘of the first fraction, while D’Ambrosio “resists” on the field just 3’ after being booked in the 10 ‘of the second half.

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In total, they made 8 substitutions for 16 Nerazzurri booked, who naturally had to “discount” the 4 yellow cards of the untouchable Brozovic and the 2 after exchanges concluded against Roma. For the next games, therefore, watch out for yellow: Inzaghi… does not forgive.

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