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Inter market, sprint for Bellanova

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Inter market, sprint for Bellanova

It tightens more and more on the outside of Cagliari. But Ten Hag’s United now thinks of the Dutch

Between an aperitif from above with a view of Milan and a chat with the Serie A Primavera, Simone Inzaghi yesterday had time to address the topic of summer, the market that is starting to take shape. After all, there were Marotta and Ausilio with him and the discussion then continued even at dinner: in the menu always the new destiny of the bands without Perisic. In the last few days, the Nerazzurri managers have unrolled in front of four possible ways to replace the Croatian and change the layout of the lanes starting from a certainty: Gosens is the new left-handed holder. One route is the one that now seems to have been traveled with more decision: Raoul Bellanova, right winger of the relegated Cagliari, is one of the few happy notes in Sardinia and has been identified as an ideal reinforcement for Simone. A little to add Italian character and a little because the growth margins are considered high: such a profile would soften, however, a possible departure of Denzel Dumfries, not as sure as a few weeks ago to stay in Milan. Bellanova’s graft looks to the future, but in the present it forces the handyman Darmian to move to the left wing, where he is equally at ease. Without forgetting the foot of the joker Dimarco: he is not only a defender, but if necessary he could also return to the old life as a winger.

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Bellanova, born in 2000, greeted Serie A with 31 appearances, one goal and two assists. The Sardinians have just redeemed him from Bordeaux for eight hundred thousand euros and now they have to make cash: “No treasure, we have to sell already this month,” said the CEO Mario Passetti yesterday. The card costs around 8 million, even if the share could be lowered with some Nerazzurri jewels to lend around. Cesare Casadei, star of the Primavera and fresh off the scudetto, is liked in Sardinia and Inter would not mind if the boy cut his teeth with a high Serie B team. Bellanova, however, surpassed the other three competitors at the casting: first of all , Destiny Udogie, left-handed Udinese winger, too expensive with that maxi valuation of 25 million. On the Genoa player Andrea Cambiaso, also born in 2000 and also relegated like Bellanova, other doubts of a technical nature remain, despite being a pure left winger and therefore perfect for the role that was Perisic. Federico Bernardeschi, on the other hand, is a separate case because it is considered a zero opportunity, to be seized only eventually (given the high salary claims) and to do much more than a role.


The investment on the right suggests, therefore, that the ground beneath Dumfries’ feet is starting to shake. With the Dutchman, who arrived last year for 14 million and now valued at least 30, a strategic capital gain could be made without affecting the team’s nerve centers. Both Inter and him are curiously looking around and at the moment there has been no further expression of interest. Smoky that of Bayern, Una, in particular, however, could become more intense given the feeling between the coach and Denzel: Ten Hag, compatriot and builder of the new Manchester United, esteems the Inter player so much and looks for a player on that band to start. chasing after City and Liverpool. If Dumfries really went away, at that point Inter would have to organize the anti-aircraft and take another right winger: this time a big player would be needed.

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