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Inter, Marotta on Skriniar: ‘The wing needs love for the club’

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Inter, Marotta on Skriniar: ‘The wing needs love for the club’

The issue of Skriniar, betrothed to PSG, and that relating to the captain’s armband are still hot topics at Inter. Beppe Marotta, managing director of the Nerazzurri, returned to talk about it at Coni at the presentation of the book “Sports club 2030″. “Inside the captain’s armband there are values ​​such as belonging and love for the club that must be understood by whoever wears it. If one does not incorporate these values, he cannot be a candidate to bring it. Belonging to and love for the club, together with a whole set of other situations, are fundamental to being good captains”. Between those who stay and those who leave, Inter must also face the renewal chapter. First of all those of Calhanoglu and Bastoni, respect to which Marotta said he was optimistic.

“Stadium? Everything is easier abroad”

Another topic addressed is that relating to the stadium and the problems that are accompanying the bureaucratic process. “We need to criticize the Italian process a bit for building a new plant. Abroad everything is simpler because the construction of a new stadium is considered as a national element, unfortunately with us it becomes an element of the territorial character and unfortunately you have to go through a very slow analysis process. This slowness leads to the fact that over time further problems arise which are as important as the ones we are experiencing now and which prevent everything from becoming more fluid. Sporting Italy needs adequate structures, not only stadiums and major works, but also gymnasiums in schools. There is a path to improve and to deepen and I am sure that with the advent of the ministry of sport and of minister Abodi this handicap will be filled”.

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