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Inter, Marotta’s proposal: “Footballers as actors to save money”

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Inter, Marotta’s proposal: “Footballers as actors to save money”

The CEO of Inter: “The cost of labor exceeds 65%, so there would be a downsizing. There is some discussion”

The world of football burns too much money, this is evident. And it has become even more evident during the coronavirus pandemic, with stadium closures bringing many sports clubs around the world to their knees. Owners and managers seek solutions to the difficult economic situations of the clubs on a daily basis and this time it is Giuseppe Marotta who puts forward a hypothesis: “When, from a legislative point of view, the player was no longer classified as a subordinate worker, but in the same way of a star or an actor – explains the managing director of Inter -, then we would have a reduction in costs”.

The question

In short, paying a player’s salary is fiscally too burdensome for clubs and a keystone must be found. Marotta continues, on the sidelines of an event Italpress: “For the world of football, the cost of labor clearly exceeds 65%, which in a mineral water company, for example, would mean facing default. This solution would be an immediate tool for eliminating most of the problems in the world of football soccer”. It is difficult to say what future such a proposal could have, but in the meantime the CEO the nerazzurri raised his hand expressing his opinion: “There is a discussion about the classification of the players. They are subordinate workers and this means facing incredible costs, which must be reduced”.

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