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Inter Milan Preview: Contradictory matchup against Naples, the blue-black defending key battle

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Original title: Inter Milan’s preview: the key to defending the blue-black title battle against Naples

At 1 am on November 22, Beijing time, the 13th round of the Serie A of the 2021-2022 season started a focused battle, with Inter Milan playing at home against Naples.

Confrontation record

Prior to this, the two teams had played a total of 169 times in all competitions. The Nerazzurri had 77 wins, 41 draws and 51 losses. In Serie A, the CCP has fought 150 times, and Inter Milan also leads with 67 wins, 37 draws and 46 losses. The last time the two sides faced each other was in Serie A last season, when the two teams drew 1-1.

Aspect 1: The key to defending the title battle between the blue and black army

The match between Inter Milan and Naples is undoubtedly the highlight of this round of Serie A. At present, the Nerazzurri ranks third in the league, while Naples has played bravely this season. They are now 10 wins and 2 draws and have yet to lose, leading the defending champion Inter Milan by as many as 7 point. Therefore, this game is very critical for Inzaghi’s team. If they lose to their opponents, the gap between the two sides will widen to 10 points. Then the Nerazzurri’s Serie A mission may only be guaranteed four. If you beat Naples, then Inter Milan will be indispensable for the Serie A championship this season.

In addition, this game can also be regarded as a battle for the Nerazzurri’s strong dialogue. This season, Inter Milan has taken the advantage of the scene in several strong dialogues, but they just can’t beat their opponents, such as the Italian country with Juventus. Derby and the Milan Derby in the previous round, and even the Champions League group stage with Real Madrid. The Nerazzurri are very likely to score 3 points in these games, but in the end they only scored 1 or even 0 points. Inzaghi and his disciples desperately need to prove their toughness.

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Aspect 2: Contradiction duel and small due to need to get rid of the haze

The match between Inter Milan and Naples is also a match between the sharpest spear and the hardest shield in Serie A this season. At present, the leaders Napoli have conceded only 4 goals after 12 rounds, far ahead of the other teams, and are the only team in Serie A that has not conceded more than double digits this season. On the other hand, Inter Milan is full of firepower. They have scored 29 goals after 12 rounds of the league. In addition, they also missed 2 penalty kicks. Therefore, the contradiction between the two sides in this game can be What kind of spark will be produced is worthy of everyone’s expectation.

In addition, in this game, Inzaghi was a bitter owner. In his coaching career, Inzaghi faced Naples 11 times and only achieved poor results of 2 wins, 1 draw and 8 losses. Last season, he led Lazio to a 2-5 defeat to Naples. This game, the Italian coach urgently needs to get rid of The haze of the past. The Naples coach Spalletti is quite good at facing Inter Milan. While leading Roma, Spalledi has won many matches against Inter Milan. The last time the coach lost to the Nerazzurri was in 2009, 12 years ago, when Roma was in the quarterfinals of the Coppa Italia. Lost to Inter Milan.

Injury report

Inter Milan: De Fray (injured), Sanchez (injured)

Naples: Ounas (injured), Marcute (injured), Dem (new crown)

Predict the starting

Inter Milan (352): 1-Handanovic/37-Skriniar, 13-La Nokia, 95-Bastoni/36-Damian, 23-Barrera, 77-Brosovi Qi, 20-Charhanoglu, 14-Perisic/10-Lautaro, 9-Dzeko

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Naples (433): 25-Ospina/22-Di Norenzo, 13-Ramani, 26-Coulibaly, 6-Mario-Rui/99-Anguisa, 8-French Bian Ruiz, 20-Zelinski/21-Politano, 9-Osmein, 24-InsigneReturn to Sohu to see more


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