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Inter Milan preview: the Nerazzurri hits the top of the table, and the king looks forward to breaking the deadlock score

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Original title: Inter Milan’s preview: the Nerazzurri hits the top spot and the King of the ball looks forward to breaking the deadlock

At 3:45 am on December 13, Beijing time, the 17th round of the Serie A of the 2021-2022 season will start a focused battle, with Inter Milan playing at home against Cagliari.

Confrontation record

Prior to this, the two teams had played a total of 94 times in all competitions. The Nerazzurri had 47 wins, 31 draws and 16 losses. The Chinese have fought 82 times in Serie A, and Inter Milan is also in the lead with 40 wins, 28 draws and 14 losses.

Aspect 1: The Nerazzurri hits the top of the table and vows to win the league for 5 consecutive victories

In the midweek UEFA Champions League lost to Real Madrid, Inter Milan still failed to win the group first, but Inter Milan who returned to the league still hopes to continue the winning streak. In the last round of away, they beat Roma in a bloody 3-0 victory. Inter Milan has now climbed to second place in Serie A, only one point away from AC Milan, the top of the list. In the process of Inter Milan’s recent winning streak, the Rossoneri and Naples have lost points records, while the Nerazzurri showed the style of defending champions. This battle is also a good opportunity for them to chase down their opponents in the same city and even hit the top of the list.

After all, this round’s opponent Cagliari has limited threat to the Nerazzurri. Cagliari has only won one victory this season, and their last victory in Serie A was almost two months ago, beating Samp in October. . Mazzari’s team has already lost eight rounds of the league, and Cagliari has now fallen into the relegation zone. This round of facing Inter Milan, especially the away game against them, can be described as unlucky. After all, Cagliari’s last away defeat to Inter Milan was in Serie A five years ago.

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Aspect 2: The state of fiery Chaqiu Wang looks forward to breaking the deadlock virgin ball

Inter Milan have played in both the league and the Champions League this season. The biggest contributors are Dzeko and Lautaro, but the most outstanding performance recently is undoubtedly Charhanoglu. Since in the Milan derby, after a penalty kick to kill the old owner, Czarhanoglu has restored the status of the king of the ball, contributing 4 goals and 2 assists in 5 Serie A games. In the last round of the match against Rome, a corner kick was achieved directly. At present, Czarhanoglu has contributed 5 goals for the Nerazzurri in all competitions and is the third scorer in the team after Dzeko and Lautaro.

The league with Cagliari, for Czarhanoglu, is also a battle that hit his own 100 goals (including the youth team’s goals). Starting from the Karlsruhe youth team, Czarhanoglu has contributed 99 goals on behalf of each team. Among them, the goals scored by Milan are the most, with 32 goals. In addition, although Serie A has scored 5 wins and 2 draws against Cagliari 7 times, Czarhanoglu has never scored Cagliari’s goal, so this game is also good for him. Chance.

Injury report

Inter Milan: Correa (injured), La Nokia (injured), Damian (injured)

Cagliari: Stroman (injured), Varukevich (injured), Nandez (injured)

Predicted starter

Inter Milan (352): 1-Handanovic/37-Skriniar, 6-De Vray, 95-Bastoni/33-Dambrosio, 23-Barrera, 77 -Brozovic, 20-Charhanoglu, 14-Perisic/10-Lautaro, 7-Sanchez

Cagliari (352): 3-Radunovic/4-Cáceres, 23-Cepitelli, 44-Carboni / 12-Bellanova, 27-Grassi, 8-Horse Lin, 14-Diola, 29-Dalbert/9-Valder, 10-PedroReturn to Sohu to see more


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