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Inter-Salernitana (4-0) – Scattered Considerations

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Inter-Salernitana (4-0) – Scattered Considerations

An exhibition from times gone by is staged at San Siro: Inter strolls over the ruins of a new old Salernitana.

More than a championship match, Inter-Salernitana seemed like one of those performances that were so fashionable in the 1950s, when the Brazilian teams of Pelè and Garrincha came on tour to delight the European public against the after-work teams. Too clear the technical, tactical and mental gap between two teams that evidently belong to two different categories. In fact, for Inter it was training, a good preparation in view of the European commitment on Tuesday evening, the opportunity to entertain an unfailingly packed San Siro. Salernitana returns home without even the honor of arms, disappointing expectations that were already low at the start but still brought down by a soft and soulless team.

Frankly there is very little to say about Inter’s performance. At this point manifest superiority of the Inzaghi team tends to no longer make news and the low level of the opponents further facilitated the practice for the leaders. In short, Inter she simply clocked in, but in his own way, that is, offering the usual offensive and spectacular football. Among the happier notes of the evening, however, the good performances of Dumfries and Carlos Augusto should be noted, both called upon to deny criticisms and doubts about their actual functionality. Despite the limited resistance encountered, they both responded presently, especially Dutch. And if Arnautovic also appears on the scoresheet, you understand that everything really went well.

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In particular, Inzaghi demonstrates that he made the right choice in not opting for a massive turnover as part of the Nerazzurri fans were clamoring for. Inter takes the field with their starters, closes the game in the first 15 minutes, and doesn’t risk any nasty surprises or slip-ups and allows you to easily manage energy and results. Inzaghi has his team in his hands and perhaps the Inter fans should give him more trust even with regards to choices of this kind. After all, the championship is not over yet and the Nerazzurri they cannot allow themselves voltage drops.

On the other hand, the hope is that in the next few weeks we will be able to see Salernitana on the pitch, any Salerno area. The plan with which Liverani decided to return to Serie A after almost 4 years was quickly put into crisis by Inter’s lack of turnover and by the home team’s simple and irresistible will to win the match in the first quarter of an hour. Okay, no one expected much more from Salernitana in a match like this, but what is most striking is the complete lack of characterof intensity, of spirit, to then spread a merciful veil over any idea of ​​how to try to hurt the opponents.

The grenades showed little, really too little to think of being able to found a new salvation on these elements. Sabatini’s transfer choices this evening also proved disastrous, with Pellegrino actively making Lovato and a median increasingly at the mercy of itself. Liverani has a lot of work ahead of him and less and less time to try to perform a miracle, but this evening he didn’t even have the way or the time to show any interesting or encouraging news. The advice we would like to give, to him as to many members of society and management, is to stop relying on mysticism and cabala, to try to be more concrete and pragmatic and less rhetorical. Head down and work.

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