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Inter, Skriniar returns to Milan with back pain: ‘I have to miss these games’

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Inter, Skriniar returns to Milan with back pain: ‘I have to miss these games’

Still called up by his national team despite having been absent in the last few Inter matches due to injury, Milan Skriniar returns to Milan after being examined by Slovakia’s medical staff. Back pain continues to affect him: “I hope to be at the stadium cheering on my teammates if the doctors allow me,” he told his federation website

Milan Skriniar he returns to Milan to heal himself and continue his recovery with the hope of returning to Simone Inzaghi’s disposal as soon as possible. The defender, who missed the last few league games and had only played a handful of minutes in Porto in the second leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League, abandons his training camp Slovakia. Low back pain makes him unavailable for matches against his national team Luxembourg and Bosnia for the start of the Euro 2024 qualifiers.

“I want to increase my trophies”

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Skriniar also spoke to the Slovak federation website after the medical staff ascertained his physical conditions: “Unfortunately I cannot participate in these matches. If my health allows it and the doctors let me go, I will try to be at the stadium to cheer on the Boys”. The defender also commented on his fourth consecutive victory in the Slovakian Ballon d’Or, ahead of the Napoli midfielder Lobotka: “I thought I could defend this title, which I had already received last year. But I thought Lobotka would win it since he’s in great shape. I hope that many other young players can join us in the coming years so that we can increase the value of the rose”. Also a comment on his team titles: “I am very happy to have won two cups with Inter. This year we have already managed to win the Super Cup. I am happy to add trophies in my palmares. So far I haven’t won many, I hope they can increase in the future“.

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Slovakian doctor: “Intervertebral disc problem”

The national team doctor also spoke to the federation website to find out more about the Inter player’s state of health: “Skriniar contacted me for the first time a month ago because of back pain. In Milan he started undergoing therapies but not They did an MRI scan and they pinpointed it damage to the spinal disc. He underwent therapies but his conditions worsened, now he has pain even when stopped”. Words that don’t reassure Inter fans much, but the two weeks off could now do the defender good to face what will most likely be his last months in Milan.

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