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Inter, Skriniar to sell so as not to lose 2 big names by 30 June

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Inter, Skriniar to sell so as not to lose 2 big names by 30 June

From PSG, who secured him from 1 July onwards thanks to the signing bonus and a salary of more than 8 million net, no offer to have him immediately

In the last week of the market, Inter’s priority is to sell Milan Skriniar. Not because he was expelled on Tuesday evening, confirming the psychological difficulties that the Slovak had already revealed in August, when the negotiation for his transfer to PSG was underway. The Viale della Liberazione executives must try to place him with the French club, with whom the player has an agreement starting next season, to collect 15-20 million which would be a breath of fresh air for the Nerazzurri. That money, even if it should be partially invested to go in search of a replacement (Djalò the favourite), would make it possible to bring the market assets closer, between 60 and 80 million, requested by President Zhang for the 2022-23 session or for all transactions concluded between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023. And above all they would not risk having to sell two top players by the end of June. Monetizing the farewell of an element now out of the project, as certified by the ill-timed declarations of his agent, Roberto Sistici, precisely on the evening in which the San Siro welcomed him with cheers and applause, may allow the company to have more hands in the future free and less pressure on the market. It is not a trivial detail.


However, selling Skriniar now is complicated and Marotta and Ausilio know it very well. Because the player already has a 5-year agreement with Al Khelaifi’s club: he will have a salary of more than 8 million net and will have a rich signing bonus. There are those who speak of 10 million, those who even claim double. That’s why the road for the Nerazzurri managers is uphill: only if PSG and coach Galtier recognize that they immediately need the defender to deploy him in the Champions League round of 16 against Bayern Munich, can something move. For the moment, however, no offers or approaches have arrived from the French capital. Hypothesizing another club’s entry into the scene is possible, but at the moment it is unrealistic to think that Milan, promised to marry the French, will say yes.

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In terms of transfers, Inter is stuck with the 20 million collected by Sassuolo for Pinamonti’s farewell, the 15 plus 5 in bonuses coming from Chelsea for Casadei and the 4 “reclaimed” from Monza for the redemption of Di Gregorio. PSG’s 50 million offer for Skriniar at the end of August had been rejected for three reasons: 1) it was the same one presented in June; not even improved by one euro; 2) a handful of days before the end of the market gong it was no longer possible to find a replacement capable of guaranteeing the team’s competitiveness at high levels; 3) Zhang and the other executives were convinced that it was possible to convince Milan to stay with the important offer that had already been presented to them (in July and August) and which was subsequently raised to 6 million in the fixed part plus bonuses . They were wrong because the footballer and his entourage had already decided the end of the story last summer and, rereading it in retrospect, Marotta and Ausilio have the impression that, in practice, the negotiation never took place. PSG’s proposal, including the pharaonic signing bonus, was impossible to equalize. Let’s face it, out of the market for a defender of international value who also had some empty passes this year. Inter’s market men wanted an answer by Christmas and then immediately after the Super Cup to try and sell him as early as the January window. Even knowing that it is a difficult loss to fill from a technical point of view, they are forced to try from the club’s accounts. Otherwise he will stay, he will have to play at Skriniar and he will leave on zero as has already happened to other great players: Donnarumma, Pogba, Perisic, etc.

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If fifteen million from PSG arrived in this market session, it would be easier to complete another transfer by June 30th. Inter have chosen to sacrifice Dumfries, but there are no offers for the Dutchman. Chelsea, who have been following him for some time, are focusing on Malo Gusto from Olympique Lyon and the former PSV, not in top condition after a physical problem at the World Cup, was melancholy on the bench. From Saturday in Cremona he will probably return to the starting lineup (with Darmian in the three defenders) and perhaps he will raise his prices on the pitch also from a market perspective. After Qatar, Inter valued him at 60 million, despite knowing that such an offer can only come from the Premier League. Selling Skriniar now could mean settling for a few million less for Denzel by 30 June and not having to listen to offers from one of the other valuable pieces, from Bastoni to Lautaro, from Brozovic to Barella. Otherwise…

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