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International match against Ukraine: “No friendly match” – the DFB tries the balancing act

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International match against Ukraine: “No friendly match” – the DFB tries the balancing act

Status: 09.06.2023 1:18 p.m

Germany’s national soccer team meets Ukraine in their 1000th international match on Monday, and that in Bremen – it’s a friendly with special omens.

“It won’t be a friendly match”said Rudi Völler, sporting director of the DFB, before the game on Monday (June 12th, 2023) in Bremen’s Weser Stadium against the country shaken by the Russian war of aggression. “It’s a normal international match, provided that it’s our 1000th international match. They’ll give everything and so will we.”

Neuendorf emphasizes special importance

DFB President Bernd Neuendorf had previously emphasized the special importance of the game and referred to Ukraine as an opponent. But he also mentioned the international return to Bremen after more than eleven years. Because of the legal dispute between the Hanseatic city and the German Football League over the assumption of police costs, the DFB had not awarded any games there for several years. Now a sign should be set in the direction of EM.

“The DFB must not sit back as an association”said Neuendorf. “Exactly one year before the start of the European Championship, we want to attract fans and get them enthusiastic about the tournament.” The DFB shouldn’t leave the football-mad region with one “Banning”. The legal differences with Bremen politics remained unaffected, said Neuendorf.

Neuendorf: “Playing more with Ukraine than against Ukraine”

After the socio-political criticism surrounding the World Cup award to Qatar, the DFB announced that it wanted to stay away from such topics with a view to the home EM. National coach Hansi Flick should be able to concentrate on preparing his team again. Therefore, the award to Bremen and the selection of the opponent Ukraine had surprised just for the anniversary game.

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Neuendorf even called it a “Statement”to play against Ukraine. He said: “We play more with Ukraine than against Ukraine.”

“Structural deficit” – the DFB wants to make savings and has to

At the press conference, Neuendorf not only spoke about the game in Bremen against Ukraine, he also spoke about the finances of the DFB. And it’s not good for them. “We are putting off a structural deficit of EUR 19.5 million. Ten working groups meet”said Bernd Neuendorf. “We’ll bring the results together in a few weeks and see what savings potential is possible from the DFB.” Results should be available on July 4th.

Among other things, the construction of the new Frankfurt campus cost 30 million euros more than originally estimated. Neuendorf confirmed that it was “our claim that we can deal with this difficult issue on our own.”

Neuendorf said the financial crisis was “Obtained during the preparation of the annual financial statements”however be “these things” occurred before he took up his duties. The DFB deal with the problem “openly”: “The compliance people are investigating this case down to the last detail. If there are any consequences, we will take them.”

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