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Interview with Lin Liangfeng: The Netherlands’ two-game winning streak can hardly cover up the problem of Azardinding = a double-edged sword

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Original title: Interview with Lin Liangfeng: The Netherlands’ two-game winning streak can hardly cover up the problem Azardinding = a double-edged sword

In the early morning of June 22, Beijing time, the two focus games of the third round of the European Cup Group B and Group C will start as scheduled, namely Belgium away against Finland and the Netherlands away against North Macedonia. Before the game, Sohu Sports contacted the famous football reporter Lin Liangfeng and talked about the two traditional European teams, the Netherlands and Belgium, that will play tonight.

Belgium defeated Russia 3-0 in the first two rounds of the group stage and reversed Denmark 2-1. The Netherlands defeated Ukraine 3-2 and Austria 2-0 in the first two rounds of the group stage. When talking about the situation of the Netherlands and Belgium, Lin Liangfeng said: “From a general perspective, the Dutch game has nothing to do with the qualifying situation of the other two teams in the group. The Belgian game will affect the other two teams. The situation of qualifying. So I think the degree of attention to the Belgian game will be a little higher. The two teams won the group first and qualified early. Judging from the two games played, Belgium gives Everyone has more confidence. Their biggest advantage is De Bruyne’s comeback in the last game. After his comeback, the situation in the second half of the game and the process of grasping the initiative, let everyone see Belgium go further in the next game possibility.”

“I said before that the victory of Belgium in the first game was a manifestation of Lukaku’s ability. In the second game, Hazard and De Bruyne were able to reverse the game after being replaced. This shows a problem, that is When the two of them were not on the field, Belgium could not hold back when they met a fierce opponent. Fortunately, Belgium had a timely comeback with Hazard and De Bruyne. The next third game can be seen. In order to warm up for the next stage of the game. Belgium and Finland will affect Russia and Denmark, Belgium may not be too straightforward, they may put Lukaku side on the bench, try something else Forward, let Hazard and De Bruyne find their status. I think Belgium should beat Finland slightly and let Russia take the reassurance. They don’t have to worry about Finland’s victory over Belgium.”

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“Then if Finland wins Belgium and Russia wins again, then all three of them have 6 points. The situation is complicated. It depends on goal difference and so on. Belgium has a very strong offensive ability, but they lost in the game against Denmark. The ball also reflects their hidden worry, that is, when encountering a relatively strong opponent, the defense may not be able to prevent it. This is also a problem that they exposed in the 2018 World Cup, 2014 World Cup and 2016 European Cup. They don’t have to worry too much about their offense, they are defending.”

“The Dutch game has no effect on the qualifying situation of the group. North Macedonia has been eliminated. I think they should put a lot of substitutes on it, so I don’t think there is much to watch in this game. Dutch fans can take a look. Is there a shining point in their bench lineup?”

When asked whether the Netherlands is getting better and whether coach De Boer has found the right starter, Lin Liangfeng said: “This is hard to say. Because they faced Austria, the opponent’s striker Anautovic was suspended. Anotovich didn’t pay attention to his words, and his swearing words contained elements that shouldn’t be included. So in that game Austria did not pose much of an offensive threat, and the Netherlands unexpectedly won a penalty because it was a game where both sides rushed. With the opportunity to leave in a five-fifth situation, Alaba took the man down, and it was just on the edge of the penalty area. The ball was a bit wronged. If the ball is not lost, I believe Austria is expected to score. I have always felt that the Netherlands will score points. The midfield is better. Their goal is more assists from the wing. The striker’s ability to score goals is not strong, and Depay has such a good opportunity to shoot anti-aircraft guns. This makes everyone question Depay’s finishing ability.”

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“When De Boer took over the Netherlands, the Netherlands had already played the qualifiers, so Koeman had already set up the Dutch framework, and De Boer had no time to do anything to change. Coupled with the unexpected factors of the new crown, it also made De Boer. Pei waited until the European Cup. If it were played last year (De Pai was injured), the Dutch striker would be even more anxious. After leaving Ajax, De Boer coached Crystal Palace and Inter Milan, very unlucky. He lost his morale at the Crystal Palace and did not have more time to adjust to Inter Milan. After Koeman left, the Dutch Football Association was a bit blinded, and they could only find De Boer, who is free to coach. Is De Boer suitable? It is still hard to say. In these two games, Holland has more lucky elements.”

Speaking of Hazard’s performance on the bench in the first two rounds, Lin Liangfeng said: “Belgian coach Martinez attaches great importance to his favorites. I think first is Lukaku, second is De Bruyne, and then It’s Hazard. Hazard has gone through these competitions, and there is one thing that makes people feel uncomfortable. He has a little bit of the ball. Hazard and De Bruyne should be complementary, but their styles are completely Different, this makes the forwards difficult to adapt. De Bruyne passes the ball fast, passes in time, basically does not make adjustments, Hazard is a winger, and later kicked in the direction of Messi and Ronaldo Development, he prefers to dribble. In the game against Denmark, Hazard had not had time to take the ball and the game was over. Although he had an indirect effect on Belgium’s second goal, I always felt that he was in the team. If you can play a tailwind, I’m afraid that the opponent’s defense is more tenacious and Belgium can’t start the game. If the thinking of Hazard and De Bruyne is not unified, Belgium will be in trouble.”

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“In the past three major tournaments, Belgium has scored a little bit more goals against the half-belly team. Once they go back in the knockout round, their goals will drop. This means De Bruyne and Azerbaijan. Zar’s thinking is not very consistent. One thing to remind, Belgium played Japan in the last World Cup, Japan led two goals first. Japan was actually frightened by their own lead. They did not expect that they could lead by two goals. When Belgium launched a counterattack. At the time, Japan’s position was in a mess. What Belgium has to do is how to find a balance between Hazard and De Bruyne, so as not to bury Hazard’s talent for dribbling, and at the same time to maximize De Bruyne’s play The ability to pass the ball is actually not easy to master. I think Martinez’s happiest thing is to see Belgium against Russia in the game, Lukaku destroyed the frontcourt alone. So I am looking forward to it. Lukaku won’t go, but De Bruyne and Hazard go together, how will this scene go.”Return to Sohu to see more


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