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Investor entry into DFL has failed

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Investor entry into DFL has failed

The planned investor deal in the Bundesliga has fallen through. The Presidium of the German Football League (DFL) decided this at its extraordinary meeting in Frankfurt am Main on Wednesday. “A successful continuation of the process no longer seems possible in view of current developments,” said Hans-Joachim Watzke, spokesman for the DFL Presidium. Parts of the fan scene recently protested massively against the plans. With CVC there was only one potential financier willing to get involved.

Watzke continued: “Even if there is a large majority in favor of the entrepreneurial necessity of the strategic partnership: German professional football is in the midst of a test that is taking place not only within the league association between the clubs, but also partly within the clubs between professionals, coaches, Club officials, supervisory bodies, general meetings and fan communities are causing major disputes that are increasingly vehemently endangering game operations, specific game processes and thus the integrity of the competition.”

Dispute over child’s voting behavior

Given the circumstances in the league association with its 36 member clubs, the viability of a successful contract conclusion in terms of financing the 36 clubs can no longer be guaranteed. The clubs initially decided to bring in an investor in December. The necessary two-thirds majority was barely achieved in the vote. One more no vote or one more abstention would have ensured that the DFL’s planned deal for around one billion euros would have collapsed, as it did at the first attempt in May.

A dispute then broke out over the voting behavior of Martin Kind, club boss of Hannover 96, who had been instructed to vote “no”, but may have decided differently in the secret vote. Recently, a new vote was called for. But Watzke said that “any further votes would not solve the problem. The starting point is the vote on December 11, 2023, which resulted in a two-thirds majority for a final mandate from the Presidium. This vote is considered legally valid within the executive committee and according to the assessment of the lawyers.”

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Nevertheless, it should not be overlooked that this vote lacks broad acceptance due to the events surrounding Hannover 96. “Given the great asset we hold in our hands with the 50+1 rule, ignoring this should not be our approach. The DFL Presidium is unanimous in its support of the 50+1 rule. However, any new vote with the aim of establishing this acceptance through a resolution would raise further legal questions regarding the assessment of the legally effective decision made in December 2023, which was not questioned or contested by any club at the time, which would pose the risk of new legal questions or even disputes would entail. Avoiding this and returning to orderly game operations must be the DFL’s primary goal.”

Christian Otto, Hannover Published/Updated: , Recommendations: 4 A comment from Daniel Theweleit Published/Updated: , Recommendations: 4 Sebastian Balzter Published/Updated: , Recommendations: 7

The Presidium has therefore unanimously come to the conclusion that, based on the resolution of December 11, 2023, it should exercise its final discretion not to continue or complete the process. The DFL Presidium and the management will invite you to club discussions in the next few weeks in order to discuss conclusions from the process together.”

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